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WordPress Integration

Increase your restaurant's profits by using a WordPress ordering system

WordPress restaurant menu plugin for online ordering

Your customers like to order food online, so give them the opportunity to do it by implementing menu plugin integration between the UpMenu ordering system and the WordPress restaurant themes. In this way, you will open a new sales channel and get more orders for food delivery with an attractive online menu layout on a fully responsive WordPress website.

Earn more with a WordPress restaurant menu plugin

WordPress is the most popular CMS system for restaurant website building. 35% of the web is powered by WordPress. What does it exactly mean? Every third website you are visiting is created and ran with the WordPress system. Moreover, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress plugins, widgets, and applications that enhance restaurant operations. And menu WordPress plugin from UpMenu is among them. Win more customers with easy to use and implement online menus.

WordPress websites for restaurants with online ordering

Create your restaurant website with a WordPress theme to place better on search engine result pages. Present your restaurant brand and menu items in an appealing way to get more traffic and conversions. Websites designed with WordPress are characterized by high optimization and responsive. Just add beautiful images of your interiors, engaging content and you are set to collect customer traffic on your own site. WordPress is a great tool to create both, simple restaurant one-page websites and compound multi-layer sites that could compete for the title of best restaurant page. Restaurant menu plugins are a great addition to restaurant websites created with WP- they enable online ordering directly on your own page. This is the most south out feature among worldwide web users. The integration of the UpMenu – menu for WordPress and your CMS gives you responsive and interactive cards that will make the online ordering process even more convenient both, for you and your customers. In the end, giving you a huge boost to profits and customer retention in your restaurant. No wonder 60% of restaurants report incremental sales through online food orders. When you connect the UpMenu system using the WordPress plugin for menu, you are able to start selling online right away.

WordPress online ordering plugin by UpMenu

WordPress restaurant online ordering plugin not only lets your customers conveniently order online but also houses additional utilities like table booking, optional loyalty programs and rewards system, automated customer communication, and reports generated in real-time with data gathered on your own website. All those additional features are essential for successfully managing the restaurant in today’s everchanging environment. UpMenu offers all those extra utilities without any additional fees.

WordPress plugin restaurant menu interaction with UpMenu system

Offer your customers a simple and quick ordering process on your restaurant website with a plugin for menu in WordPress. it’s a perfect match for: Thanks to the built-in e-commerce capabilities, you’ll be able to sell food and drink items online directly on your WordPress website. It’s an easy-to-manage WordPress food menu plugin that enables you to create a categorized database of menu items with different prices, ingredients and available toppings. With the UpMenu WordPress plugin for restaurant menu, you can present your food menu items in posts, pages, and widget zones. Place interactive menus on the home page to achieve the best results for online order growth. Integration with the UpMenu ordering system gives you additional opportunities for growth. The promotion module enables attractive loyalty programs and discounts for your clients, which will build loyal customer base. UpMenu restaurant menu wp plugin is a full-fledged WordPress online ordering systemthat can be smoothly integrated with your website in a matter of clicks.

WordPress restaurant menu plugin integration

  1. You can easily install the WordPress menu plugin from the UpMenu system on your restaurant website. This allows you to launch an online ordering system.
  2. You will easily adjust the WordPress ordering system to match the look of your restaurant website. You can also use our dedicated restaurant menu themes created for the best WordPress restaurant templates.
  3. Your customers will be able to place their orders quickly. The better the quality of service, the more food delivery orders you receive. And that’s how you boost your earnings!

Features of UpMenu restaurant menu plugin for WordPress

  • Responsive designs that allow customers to interact with the restaurant menu on any mobile devices.
  • Food and drink menu items presentation: title, description, images, price, attributes (size, bulk, weight), list of available ingredients, and toppings.
  • View of menu items with easy drag and drop system to change their placement.
  • Menu item customization options.
  • Categorically-organized lists of food and drink items available at the establishment.
  • Customizable layouts.
  • Currency settings.
  • Customizable Loyalty Programs and Reward System.
  • Taxes and tax rates.
  • Easy-to-manage automated customer communication.
  • Report and feedback system.
  • Quick set up on any WordPress website

Up menu plugin WordPress tools

Online ordering plugin for WordPress integrated with the UpMenu system will deliver the perfect digital ordering experience for your customers. What distinguishes the food menu WordPress plugin by UpMenu among other plugins is a thorough set of helpful tools. Instruments listed below will be a great asset in delivering the best possible ordering experience to your restaurant customers.
  • PayPal, Stripe, and Adyen payment methods integrated for free.
  • Test order feature enables the option to check how the food ordering system works before running it live.
  • Quick and smooth order handling process in free order handling app or administration panel.
  • Automated customer communication with customizable message templates.
  • Convenient delivery zone set up by drawing on the map.
  • Loyalty programs and reward systems thanks to the thorough promotional engine.
  • Easy integration with POS systems and additional work-enhancing applications.
  • Menu engineering tool to present menu items in an attractive way with easy drag and drop system.
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