Restaurant tablet ordering system Launch a mobile application and let your customers order from their tablets

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Ordering food has never been easier

840 million people use tablets. From now on, give your customers option to place orders on their tablets. Launch your own tablet ordering system and enjoy larger numbers of takeout or delivery orders.
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Mobile application adjusted to your restaurant

UpMenu system will help you match the app layout to the appearance of your brand. 70% of customers prefer to buy directly from restaurants. You will earn more and save on food portal costs.

Push notifications to customers

Push messages are 7 times more effective than email campaigns. With a tablet ordering system you can notify customers about promotions and increase your profits.
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Entire chain in one app

One tablet ordering system will be the only application for your entire chain – a great experience for customers! Launch the mobile application and let your customers order food on their tablets. Start your free trial.

Your own mobile app for your restaurant. Always be with your customer. Make sales online at any place.