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Fast food online ordering system

Increase sales and save money. Let your customers order fast food online on your website and mobile app.

Quick and easy order handling for fast food restaurants

With the UpMenu fast food delivery system, you will receive orders from clients in 2 seconds. You are just one click away from confirming the order delivery. No more time wasted on answering phone calls and handling orders.

You’ll get all the order information conveniently displayed on the dashboard. No more mistakes in address, delivery time, or other specifics. Thanks to the fast food ordering system by UpMenu you will get a tool that will make food delivery more convenient for you and your customers.

Fast food order got to be fast

Time is the most essential factor in fast food restaurants. The ordering process must be quick and convenient, both, for customers and employees. Run an online ordering system to augment the whole process.

31% of customers are more likely to order food online if the delivery is fast. The UpMenu system will make that possible with swift and comfortable order handling assistance. Accelerate your fast food delivery with professional software support.

Order online fast food on the mobile app

Mobile phone food ordering reached a market worth of $38 billion in 2020. Why? Because it’s the fastest and most convenient way of fast food delivery ordering. Tap into this opportunity with a mobile app on your own.

Launch the Android or iOS application and give your customers the opportunity to order fast food delivery wherever they are! Mobile ordering for fast food will bring more customers in and will enhance the retention rate for regulars.

Fast food delivery zone management

Managing delivery zones might be a difficult and time-consuming process. Especially for a fast food restaurant where time is of the essence. The UpMenu system helps you setting up delivery zones with a convenient draw on the map system.

Customize delivery zones by drawing on the map. Add the minimum order value and delivery cost. And, you are ready to receive takeout orders for your fast food restaurant.

Menu management for fast food restaurants

Do you know what else is fast with a fast food order online system? Menu management. Save your time and money with the UpMenu solution which lets you customize menus with a convenient drag-and-drop system.

Edit menu arrangement without the help of IT specialists. Adjust color and layout settings to match the design of your fast food restaurant. Furthermore, you can monitor changes in real-time on the website and mobile app.

Quick online payments for takeout orders

Since placing orders is super-swift, paying for them should be even quicker. Over 50% of bills are already paid with online payment methods. Give your customers a fast and easy way to pay for their food delivery.

Take advantage of our integration with Stripe, PayPal and Adyen payment systems. Let your customers order conveniently fast food delivery and takeout with the world’s most popular payment services.

Fast food automated ordering system

Make your employees work more effectively with automated assistance from the ordering system by UpMenu. Use automatic print out feature of the ordering system to serve dine-in customers even faster.

Utilize additional features of automation in fast food restaurants. Build your own database about customers and get them engaged with an automated messaging system that uses email, SMS, and PUSH notifications.

Data-backed fast food restaurant management

UpMenu online ordering system for fast food restaurants gathers extensive data about processed orders and your establishment customers. Collected information is used to generate thorough reports about your business operations.

Utilize them to determine what menu items generate profits and which cause losses. With the UpMenu solution, you get the opportunity to revise your restaurant operations according to detailed business analysis.

Promotional engine for fast food restaurant

UpMenu system houses an extensive promotion engine that enables you to run a wide variety of loyalty-building programs. You can set up a digital stamp or point collection scheme, discount codes, and reward systems.

Prepare engaging promotions and discounts to build loyal customer base. Upsell bigger orders for food delivery and takeout with exciting discounts for dishes sold in bulk. All thanks to UpMenu online ordering system for fast food restaurants.

Customer communication with fast food delivery system

Communication with customers is a crucial component for every restaurant, no matter if it focuses on dine-in customers or food delivery. It is also time-consuming, but with the UpMenu solution, you can save a lot of time and effort on it.

Automated customer communication tools will save hours of time spent on preparing and sending personalized notifications to your clients. You can customize the content of messages and set preconditions under which they should be sent.

SEO marketing for fast food

What is the most commonly searched phrase for the fast food industry? “Fast food nearest to me”. Now you know the key to success in promoting your restaurant. To get more delivery and takeout orders you have to place high in local search results.

The fast food delivery management system from UpMenu gives you access to an extensive restaurant website builder. Create a well-optimized website for your establishment that will rank high in local SERPs.

Reduced delivery fee for fast food orders

Whenever customers willing to order delivery from your restaurant place them through a third-party platform, you lose money. With fees reaching up to even 30% of the base value for every menu item, you have to raise prices for your customers.

Choosing UpMenu you get a stable low price for every processed in the system order. Now, you can offer lower prices for your products and cheaper delivery fee.

Easy implementation on existing website

The brand homepage is the main hub for customer communication and acquisition. You don’t want to abandon the website for your fast food restaurant if it is already gathering substantial traffic. Thanks to UpMenu you can integrate menus for fast food digital ordering on an already existing website.

It is as simple as adding new page to your site. You just have to set up interactive menus on the UpMenu panel and publish integration code on a website where you would like to house fast food delivery ordering feature.

A digital ordering system is a must-have feature for a fast food restaurants. Potential customers are not only seeking information about brick-and-mortar restaurant locations, but they also want to order from home comfort. What made digital ordering so prosperous? Speed and comfort are the main culprits in this success. And fast food restaurants are the embodiment of those features. To achieve the full success you just need to add an order management system that will curate the process of fast food delivery.

UpMenu is the perfect solution for fast food restaurants – it houses all the key features that support the delivery order process. Interactive menus for your product presentation, quick and easy ordering system, promotional engines with discount management, and automated marketing tools to gather more traffic. All of the above and more in one software solution prepared for the fast food business.

To distinguish your brand from other fast food ventures you have to establish a website that will work as the main communication hub with the customer base. UpMenu equips you with the comprehensive restaurant website builder that will aid you in homepage creation. This is the best place to show your menu and give customer opportunity to order food directly. Also, if you already have a webpage for your brand, you can integrate it easily with the ordering system by UpMenu.

Get more traffic and boost your revenue with customer engaging promotional campaigns. Create mouth-watering content and distribute it on your website, social media pages, and mobile app. Also, attach discounts and vouchers to distinguish your offer from other fast food restaurants.

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