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GrubHub alternative for restaurants

Save money, take more online orders and grow your restaurant business without relying on third-party online ordering platforms

Count how much you can save

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You can save so much by launching your own ordering system instead selling by portal.


Terrified of the high commissions for GrubHub?

GrubHub commissions per order can go as high as 25%. Additionally, the food delivery applications deploy various tactics to make you pay even more money.

More than 30% of your entire earnings being snatched away. You can save on thousands of dollars by opting for a premier GrubHub alternative.

Online ordering system – your Grubhub alternative

60% of US consumers ordering a delivery at least once every week, there is massive earning potential to be tapped.

Create your own online ordering system – this means no third-party platforms where you have to pay more to be seen.

Build an engaging website

No back and forth between your website and the food portal – capture your audience and book your orders at the same spot.

Interactive menus, online ordering facility and checkout pages – all you will ever require to engage your online audience.

Always be present – GrubHub alternative aplication

Did you know the average smartphone user spends 2 hours and 15 minutes each day using apps?

UpMenu allows you to make your mobile application as an alternative to the GrubHub application.

Build A Loyal Following

All of the contact details will continue to fill your database with high-value leads to target when your marketing material is ready.

Send newsletters, increase sales through discounts and create a loyal following of followers – it’s as simple as that.

Increase Your Sales

With UpMenu, you get to leverage our extensive experience of making restaurants grow. More than 2.3 million orders are already processed by our clients.

Deploy intelligent marketing tactics – upsell, cross-sell, make SMS campaigns and more.

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