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WooCommerce alternative for restaurants

Online food ordering system adjusted to the needs of your restaurant

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UpMenu system – WooCommerce alternative for restaurants

Order processing can take several hours or even several days Real time order processing
Delivery zones defined on a national scale Precise delivery zone management
Difficult management for restaurant chains – one site is one location Support for restaurant chains through easy menu management (one website features many different online locations)
No additional functions necessary to manage the restaurant Extra features and products dedicated to restaurants, like native Mobile Apps (Android + iOS) and a loyalty program

All you need to sell online

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress. Nevertheless, it isn’t always a good idea for all industries.

The WooCommerce restaurant plugin for food ordering system lacks several critical features for food delivery services. Hence, the UpMenu system is a great WooCommerce alternative for restaurants.

Real time order processing receiving

In the restaurant industry, orders must be delivered to a restaurant, accepted, and handed over for processing usually within several seconds, not hours or days. This is why you need a WooCommerce food delivery alternative.

The UpMenu system plugin enables you to collect orders at your restaurant within several seconds, making the process significantly easier and faster.

Precise delivery zone management

Thanks to simple management of delivery zones with the UpMenu online food ordering system, you can set precise delivery zones for your restaurants which will specify the exact location including the street, not just the country as the case may be with systems that are not focused entirely on the restaurant industry.

Support for restaurant chains

When you manage a restaurant chain, you want one restaurant website to include all your locations.

Compared to the WooCommerce restaurant menu plugin, the UpMenu online food ordering system will help you manage sales across the entire restaurant chain. When a customer accesses the menu, they can choose the location of their interest from a list and you can have control over all orders submitted to the restaurant chain in one place.

Fast purchase path

The WooCommerce alternative for restaurants must have the shortest order placing path possible. Hungry customers want to receive their food quickly!

This is why particular products don’t have subpages in the UpMenu online food ordering system and order placement is reduced to just several clicks.

Additional features dedicated to restaurants

WooCommerce restaurant plugin does not provide some very important tools for building customer loyalty and increasing orders at the restaurant.

The UpMenu online food ordering system makes it possible to launch a native mobile application for iOS and Android devices, as well as your own loyalty programme that works online and offline at the restaurant.

Implement a WooCommerce menu plugin alternative for restaurants

Such differences are critical from the point of view of a restaurant. A WooCommerce restaurant menu will quickly turn out to be non-functional for your customers and hence your turnover will drop. Use a solution that has been designed for the restaurant industry!

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