Online ordering system for restaurants Increase profits and save on commissions to food portals - run online food ordering software

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Online ordering system on your restaurant website

70% of customers would prefer to order directly from restaurants, not through third-party online ordering platforms.

Use this to your advantage. Run website ordering in your restaurants, avoid paying high commissions and earn more.

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Receive orders easily

Say goodbye to mistakes and long delivery times change from phone to restaurant online ordering software.

Now you can pick up your order in 2 seconds, and see all its details at once.

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setting delivery regions

Reduce delivery costs

The UpMenu online ordering system lets you literally draw your delivery areas on the map. It's super easy!

Each area can have a different minimum value of orders and delivery cost. In this way, you can increase your profits.

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Menu engineering & management

Orders placed by online ordering system have an average of 18% value over the telephone.

Menu management and accurate online food ordering statistics will help you create better menus for customers.

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Get new customers with online payments

Over 50% of online transactions are paid online. It's convenient! Let your customers pay this way too.

Don’t lose customers who don´t carry cash. Launch an online ordering system integrated with Stripe and PayPal payments.

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Easy installation on a restaurant website

Get orders online today! Configuring the restaurant online ordering system is very simple.

You can install it on the website yourself. Join 10,000 restaurant owners who have tested UpMenu.

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Use automatic reports

UpMenu will automatically show you detailed product sales reports from the menu.

You can use them to make better business decisions. Start a data-driven business.

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Online orders directly from Facebook

There are almost 2.5 billion people on Facebook. Your customers are among them!

Let them order food online without leaving their social media experience. Get more orders.

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Go mobile!

45% of customers say a mobile application for restaurants will encourage them to order more often.

The UpMenu online ordering system allows you launch your own mobile app. Now your customers will be able to order even more easily! Check it out.

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Dashboard panel with sales statistics
View of Website with menu and restaurant mobile app

Design integral with your restaurant image

UpMenu will give you an extensive solution to organize a complementary and well-designed online ordering system.

Create your own place online to engage with customers and grow loyalty.

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Simple and smooth ordering process

Clear, easy to access, and edit ordering system will assist your client's purchasing process.

Give your customers an option to quickly pay online thanks to Upmenu's integrated payment systems.

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Ordering system additional utilities

Integration with POS systems, analytical tools, and social media to enhance the management of your business.

Set loyalty programs with ease thanks to extensive promotion module.

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Cut down your costs!

Adopt a subscription-based ordering system to protect your income from high fees.

Choose our solution and get access to comprehensive set of tools with regular updates and regular maintance.

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Benefit from the potential of online food ordering system software to increase the number of food delivery and takeout services. For your customers, this will mean convenience of ordering, while for you, bigger profits.

The online food ordering system software will also help you limit the costs of cooperation with food delivery portals. Implement the UpMenu software and become independent of food portals, earn more and limit commission costs.

The UpMenu software will also provide numerous new marketing tools that will contribute to increasing your sales even further. An online food ordering system generates a newsletter database automatically and lets you send SMS and email campaigns, use this to your advantage.

You can also create promotions and discount vouchers, or restaurant loyalty programs. Such actions will help you build the loyalty of customers and increase the quality of food delivery and takeout services. Everything is possible when you launch online food ordering software.

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