Launch an online food ordering system on the restaurant website Let your customers order online conveniently and increase your profits

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Use the online ordering software and sell directly through the restaurant website

The UpMenu online food ordering system for food delivery and takeaway makes it possible for your customers to order food directly through your restaurant website. Without you having to use food delivery portals and pay high amounts of commission. Be independent and increase your profit.

Easy collection of orders that will save the time of your employees

When you use the UpMenu online ordering system software, you receive access to a panel where you can collect orders in a simple way. You can open it on any device with access to the internet, e.g. tablet or iPad.

Forget about busy phone lines. Let your employees collect orders using the online food delivery system software.

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Managing food delivery zones to limit delivery costs

In the UpMenu online food ordering system for restaurants you can manage food delivery zones in a simple way, specifying the precise locations and also defining the costs of food delivery as well as minimum order value for each zone. This way, you can optimize costs of food delivery. Lower costs will generate bigger profits.

Managing the menu on the restaurant website in real time

Change the menu on the restaurant website in real time. Add and hide products, change extras depending on the situation in the restaurant, without wasting money on having to ask for help from IT experts. Your customers will see the menu with changes in the restaurant ordering system software immediately.

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Fast online payments that will contribute to increasing online orders

Your customers like to pay online because it’s convenient. More than 50% of transaction on the internet are paid online. Give your customers the possibility of fast payments in the food ordering system software so you can be certain that the order you are preparing has already been paid for.

Don’t lose customers who don’t carry cash. Launch an online food ordering system integrated with Stripe payments.

Printing orders to improve restaurant operation

Simplify work at your restaurant thanks to automated order prints on a receipt printer integrated with the UpMenu online food ordering system for restaurants.

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Quick start and easy integration with the restaurant website to generate quick profits

You can configure the UpMenu restaurant ordering system yourself and integrated it with your restaurant website in a very short time. Launch your online orders software in 1 day and manage food delivery and process more orders.

If you don’t have a restaurant website yet, use one of our best restaurant website themes and build your brand online.

Full control over the online food ordering system thanks to reports

Along with the UpMenu online food ordering system you will receive detailed sales reports regarding food delivery and takeaway which will help you make better business decisions based on actual data. Use them to increase the number of processed orders.

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Use the Facebook food ordering system and earn more

Your customers use social media daily. Use the Facebook food ordering system and give them the possibility of ordering food delivery services without leaving social media. Earn more and become closer to your customers.

Mobile app for restaurant - even more orders and loyal customers

Customers order food delivery using a smartphone, tablet or iPad more and more often. Let them have your restaurant handy at all times! Launch a mobile app for restaurant with an online food ordering system.

This way, you will be their first choice whenever they think about food delivery. Loyal customers will generate more orders and bigger profits.

Dashboard panel with sales statistics

Benefit from the potential of online food ordering system software to increase the number of food delivery and takeout services. For your customers, this will mean convenience of ordering, while for you, bigger profits.

The online food ordering system software will also help you limit the costs of cooperation with food delivery portals. Implement the UpMenu software and become independent of food portals, earn more and limit commission costs.

The UpMenu software will also provide numerous new marketing tools that will contribute to increasing your sales even further. An online food ordering system generates a newsletter database automatically and lets you send SMS and email campaigns, use this to your advantage.

You can also create promotions and discount vouchers, or restaurant loyalty programs. Such actions will help you build the loyalty of customers and increase the quality of food delivery and takeout services. Everything is possible when you launch online food ordering software.

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