It is anticipated that the food delivery market, utilising food ordering apps, will increase by as much as 79 percent over the next six years! Are you sure that your restaurant will benefit fully from such advantageous conditions? Launch an online food ordering system with the possibility of pre-ordering and execute more orders.

What is pre-ordering in food ordering apps?

Pre-ordering is the option to order food in a food ordering app for a particular day and time. This means that a customer who orders food online for take-out or delivery can specify the time when the order is to be prepared.

The case is similar when the customer wishes to order food in advance and consume it at the restaurant. Using an [online food ordering system], they can order meals to be prepared for a certain time. Then, they don’t have to wait at the table for the order to be prepared.

What benefits does pre-ordering offer?

Thanks to the possibility of pre-ordering using food ordering apps such as the UpMenu system, your employees will be able to organise their work time more efficiently and be more effective. They will know when they can expect a bigger number of customers at the restaurant. When they will have more orders to complete for delivery or take out.

As a result, they are able to provide services to more customers, who are also not irritated by having to wait for their order at the table or waiting to be seated. They are happier with the quality of service at your restaurant and they return more often. They also recommend your restaurant to their friends and family.

All this leads to increased income for you. More effective employees handle more satisfied customers who spend more money at your restaurant and invite their friends to enjoy the meals prepared by you, together. Everything is possible thanks to a food ordering app with the possibility of pre-ordering.

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The best online food ordering system should also offer the possibility of pre-ordering. Your customers will have the ability to order food for a specific time quickly and easily. They can then consume at your restaurant without having to wait for the meals to be prepared. They can also order delivery of food for a specific date.

This will help you organise tasks at the restaurant and meet customers’ expectations in a better way. As a result, you will increase profit and bypass your competition. Find out more about table reservations in the UpMenu system that, when combined with pre-ordering will prevent cancelled reservations from occurring at your restaurant! You can read all about this in the following article UpMenu online booking system and pre-ordering.

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