When you offer food delivery or take-out orders, the profit generated by your restaurant will increase. It’s important that you can manage these orders easily. Taking orders over the phone consumes your employees’ time and generates errors. Launch an automated restaurant ordering system to carry out more orders and save time.

How does an automated restaurant ordering system work?

The automated menu ordering system will make it possible to automate the process of placing orders for your customers. They can start ordering food through your restaurant website or mobile app quickly and easily.

Your employees can collect an order with just one click on a tablet or other device with access to the internet.

Configuration of the automated menu ordering system will take you very little time and only involves a few steps. Choose the best restaurant menu theme and enter the information about your meals and restaurant. If you don’t have a restaurant website, you can develop it using the UpMenu restaurant website builder.

Automated restaurant ordering system on restaurant website with pizza photos and yellow "order" buttons.

Your customers want to place orders online

45% of Americans declare that they will order food online more and more often. (source) An automated food ordering system is a standard at restaurants. If you don’t offer the possibility of easy placement of orders to your customers, they will use services of competition and you will lose money.

Furthermore, the menu ordering system will automate your daily duties and the duties of your employees. This enables you to handle orders more quickly and improve the quality of your service, both when it comes to online orders and orders made at the restaurant. Your employees can finally use the time saved this way to serve customers in the restaurant.

Mobile app with an automated restaurant ordering system, with pictures of pizzas and yellow "order" buttons.

Automated restaurant ordering system – save time and earn more

When you launch an automated restaurant ordering system you will create a completely new sales channel for your restaurant. This way, you will carry out more food deliveries and make more money. Your employees will have to spend less time on handling orders and customers will not be irritated by a busy telephone line at your restaurant.

An automated food ordering system also offers many additional marketing tools that you can use to increase online sales in an automated way. From now on, the newsletter database of your restaurant will be developed automatically! When placing an order, your customers will grant consent for receiving marketing communication. SMS or email campaigns can then be sent later to such customers.

Newsletter signup forms on an UpMenu dashboard.

Additionally, the system will send some of those campaigns for you! All you have to do is configure marketing automation. An automated restaurant ordering system will send messages to your customers for instance, when they have not placed an order for a while. Thanks to such solutions, you will earn more without your time or your employees’ time being used.

An automated restaurant ordering system will also show you all the important information regarding online sales effectiveness. Based on such data, you can make better business decisions. Better decisions will equal bigger profits.

When you use the UpMenu automated restaurant ordering system you can also offer an automated [loyalty program and reward system] to your customers. You will free yourself and your customers from collecting stamps on paper cards – points will be added automatically with online orders and also in the restaurant if you use the UpMenu restaurant mobile app. Read more: A mobile website or a mobile app for restaurant – which will bring you more benefits?

Examples of the automated restaurant ordering system

See a few examples of the automated menu ordering system used by our customers.

Website automated ordering system for sushi restaurant, with sushi photos and golden "order" buttons.

Website automated ordering system for an American restaurant, with food photos and red "order" buttons.

A clear website with an automated ordering system for sushi restaurants, with sushi photos and red "order" buttons.


An automated restaurant ordering system will help you increase profits and save both your time and the time of your employees. Thanks to food ordering and marketing activity automation, you can plan the work of the restaurant in a better way.

Don’t let your competition pass you by, give your customers the possibility of ordering online. Start a free trial of an automated restaurant ordering system today! Choose a restaurant menu theme and earn more on selling food online.

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