Automation supposedly only brings advantages — saving time, money, and energy. But how do you automate processes in a restaurant where human relations and hard work are so important? Of course, some of these processes are irreplaceable but some can be improved with an automated ordering system.

Automation involves the use of technology where a human isn’t necessary. The easiest way is to automate the simple tasks of sending certain information. This is how an automated restaurant ordering system works.

The food delivery market is undergoing dynamic change. 60% of US consumers declare that they order food online at least once a week, and 30% say at least twice. (source) This trend will increase — the technology-conscious generation will form an increasing proportion of society.

Without an automatic ordering system, you would eventually have to hire someone whose only task would be to pick up the phone! This is a costly solution, and taking orders is only a small part of food delivery.

At the same time, customers themselves expect simple ordering methods. They want to do it quickly, preferably online. The value of orders placed via mobile applications by 2020 will reach $38 billion. (source) So how do you satisfy your customers and launch an automated restaurant ordering system?

Automated ordering system on restaurant website.
Automated ordering system on restaurant website.

How online ordering automates work

An automated ordering system reduces work on placing and receiving orders to a minimum. UpMenu has processed over 2.3 million online orders. The customer chooses their dishes while seeing the entire menu available online. They can easily customize them by choosing add-ons and provide you with delivery details.

The order goes to the tablet in your restaurant or to the mobile application. You receive it in literally 3 seconds, and the customer is immediately notified. They also see the delivery time you have given them.

In this way, you and your customer save time. Your employees can be more effective. Instead of answering calls, they can focus on other responsibilities. An automated ordering system also eliminates mistakes in accepting telephone orders. All customer data and order details are displayed on the screen.

What else can you automate

The UpMenu automated food ordering system is not just faster for you to receive orders. You can automate so many marketing activities that until now you probably had to do yourself.

Thanks to such a comprehensive solution, you will save time and money that you would otherwise have to pay to specialists.

Newsletter sign up form in autometed ordering system.
Newsletter sign up form.

A customer database which builds itself

All information about your customers and their orders is stored on the dashboard. Detailed reports will show you which customers order the most, which dishes sell the most, and which the least.

You can use this information to prepare dedicated offers and menu changes, and focus on those products that your customers like the most.

Customers placing orders through the automated ordering system will also be asked to give consent for marketing contact. When they agree, they are automatically sent to the newsletter database. This data becomes your property.

You can use them to increase sales — UpMenu allows you to send email, SMS, and push campaigns. This way you can inform customers about new offers, products, and promotions.

Message sending

An automated restaurant ordering system allows you to schedule the sending of SMS or emails to your customers in specific situations. This way you build closer relationships, which is very important to help get loyal customers.

Imagine if a customer has not ordered from you for a while. UpMenu will send a message, e.g. after 14 days, with the content you choose. You can recommend a product to them or give them a special discount for their next order.

Customer feedback system in UpMenu.
Automated customer feedback system.

Collecting customer reviews

Each of your customers will also be asked for feedback on food, delivery, and price. This way, you will get very important feedback that will help you to constantly improve the quality of service. Customers have already left over 160,000 opinions through the UpMenu system — that’s a huge amount of knowledge!

Of course, you will find all the opinions on the dashboard of the automated ordering system. You can use them for marketing purposes, but above all, you can respond to feedback from the client, thereby, keeping in touch.

Loyalty program for restaurant on website and in mobile app.
Loyalty program for restaurant on website and in mobile app.

Building loyalty

UpMenu is also an automated loyalty program that will collect points or stamps on your clients’ accounts. It will also offer them promotions and discounts.

Forget about paper cards with stamps that can get lost and work only on site in the restaurant. The UpMenu loyalty program works both online and offline. Read more about the restaurant loyalty program.

Easier booking of tables

If you run table reservations in your restaurant — you can make this process much easier. All you have to do is run table reservations on your website thanks to the automated ordering system.

The process is very similar to online ordering. It will take you less than 5 seconds to accept the reservation!

Frequently asked questions

❓ What is an automated restaurant ordering system?

An automated ordering system is a software solution that allows users to instantly place orders through a website or mobile application. The ordering system immediately passes information about placed order to a receiving device or application. You can confirm the purchase, and determine the time of delivery by one click.

❓ How automated ordering system works?

Customer places an order on your website or mobile application.

You instantly receive purchase information on system panel accessible through an internet browser or mobile order-taking application.

Confirm order and determine the time of delivery, eventually address specific user requests.

The user receives a confirmation and estimated delivery time of the order.

All beforementioned steps are realized within seconds thanks to the automated ordering system.


An automated ordering system will help you save time and money. It has been designed to make the work in your restaurant easier. Also, your customers can place orders faster and more conveniently.

Over 60% of Americans order food online. (source) An automated restaurant ordering system will let you give them what they expect. Only in this way can you optimize the costs of cooperation with the food ordering marketplace and increase the number of orders from food delivery.

Thanks to UpMenu, you can automate not only the food ordering but also schedule some marketing activities, loyalty programs, and table reservations. You can then spend the time and money you save on developing your restaurant.

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