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What Is A Restaurant Preorder System And Why You Need One

Pre-order system and app for restaurants to sell food in advance


A restaurant pre-order system streamlines the process of accepting and managing customer orders before arrival, revolutionizing the dining experience. Understanding how pre-orders work and their benefits is essential for restaurants aiming to boost efficiency, satisfaction, and revenue streams. 

In this article, we will explain how a restaurant preorder system works and how implementing pre-order sales can benefit a restaurant business. Let’s dive into the details!

preorder system - eating in a restaurant

What is a pre-order system?

A preorder system allows your guests to place orders in advance. Instead of waiting for their meals at your restaurant, they can preorder them and arrive when their meals are ready.

Not only is this convenient for your clients, but it also has many great benefits for restaurants.

Benefits for restaurants offering restaurant pre-ordering system
  • Enhanced efficiency: Preorders streamline the ordering process, reducing customer wait times and allowing your kitchen staff to prepare orders more efficiently.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: With preorders, customers can better plan their dining experience, leading to higher satisfaction levels as they receive their meals promptly upon arrival. Improved customer satisfaction boosts your restaurant sales.
  • Increased revenue: By accepting preorders, restaurants can better manage their inventory and staffing, reducing waste in restaurants and increasing restaurant profitability.
  • Opportunity for upselling: Preorder systems often allow for customization and upselling options, allowing restaurants to increase sales by suggesting additional items or upgrades.
  • Better time management: With preorders, restaurants can better predict peak hours and allocate resources accordingly, resulting in smoother operations and happier staff.

When customers place their food orders in advance, it increases revenue, helps you organize your work, and reduces no-shows in your restaurant. 

preorder system - eating in a restaurant

According to Statista, the restaurant food delivery market is expected to surge in users, projected to reach 1.5 billion by 2028. This suggests a substantial user penetration rate of 16.4% in 2024, with forecasts indicating a rise to 18.9% by 2028. Looking at these statistics, getting a food ordering app with a pre-ordering feature is key to getting in on the action.

Guests love restaurants that let them place pre-orders in advance and dine in. That’s why UpMenu has implemented the restaurant pre-ordering feature “order ahead and dine in” in its online food ordering system.

preorder system - eating in a restaurant

Preordering benefits your team by relieving them from taking orders from preordered clients. 

It also prevents guests from waiting at the table during busy hours, allowing your employees to serve more clients efficiently.

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What is a preorder food app and website?

An online food pre-order website for a restaurant or a mobile app for a restaurant allows your guests to place a pre-order for a particular time and day. 

Customers who order food online for take-out or delivery can specify when the order is to be prepared.

preorder system - restaurant customer service

Restaurant preordering, on the other hand, is when guests order food in advance and dine in. With UpMenu, they can preorder their meals online and choose when they’d like them ready without waiting at the table.

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How to implement your preorder system

You need a restaurant management system with pre-order features to start taking pre-orders. 

With UpMenu, the food preordering feature is available on both the restaurant website and mobile app. Enabling this feature in your Dashboard allows customers to choose a date and time for a pick-up, dine-in, or delivery. 

Send a restaurant newsletter about this option to have your customers informed about it and allow them to make food reservations using the restaurant pre-ordering feature. 

You can also post this information on your social media pages or inform clients in person at your business.

preorder system - restaurant newsletter

Getting the word out about your preorder system is essential to get your clients interested in ordering food ahead of time. Ensure they’re familiar with this feature so they don’t have to wait for food.

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How a food preorder system benefits my clients

When it comes to food ordering, your clients will enjoy the convenience of ordering online without the need to call your restaurant. With an online pre-ordering feature, all your customers need to do is create their order and choose the time and day they’d like to have it ready. 

Let’s see the main benefits for customers of the food preorder feature.

1. Shorter waiting time for customers

Pre-ordering food to eat on the spot or for delivery and takeout lets clients skip the wait at the table. This is super convenient, especially when you’re busy. Clients pre-order, their food is prepared, and they arrive once it’s ready—it’s that simple.

preorder system - upmenu restaurant pre-ordering system

2. Order details in one spot

Customers visit your website or app, check your menu, choose their pickup, or dine-in time and date, and are done. Once you receive the order, you can accept it, update and confirm the order status, and notify your client once it’s ready.

All the information about the order is available on the app. Once the client arrives, they simply need to make payments (if they haven’t paid them online yet) and either dine-in or take their meals to go.

3. Better customer service

Restaurants that implement a preordering system tend to have improved customer loyalty. But how? When clients order their meals ahead of time, they skip having to wait for the prep time. As a result, they arrive once their meals are ready and can enjoy them as soon as they’re on the spot.

Additionally, the more food reservations you get, the more time your staff has for other tasks and services. They can provide better customer service since they’re not overwhelmed with taking orders left and right. This also increases sales and encourages clients to spend more at your restaurant.

preorder system - restaurant customer service

4. Increased order accuracy and efficiency

Allowing customers to input their orders directly into the system greatly reduces the likelihood of errors or misunderstandings. This leads to increased order accuracy and faster processing times, as restaurant staff can focus on preparing orders rather than manually taking them. 

As a result, customers receive their meals promptly and accurately, contributing to an overall positive dining experience.

preorder system - eating in a restaurant

Key Takeaways

  • A restaurant preorder system and pre-order app allow customers to place orders in advance, reducing wait times and providing a seamless dining experience.
  • Implementing a preorder system streamlines the ordering process, improving customer and restaurant staff efficiency.
  • By accepting preorders, restaurants can better manage inventory, reduce waste, and capitalize on upselling opportunities, leading to increased revenue streams.
  • Preordering enables customers to plan their dining experience, leading to higher satisfaction as they receive their meals promptly upon arrival.
  • With preorders, restaurants can predict peak hours and allocate resources more effectively, leading to smoother operations and happier staff.
  • Adopting a preorder system demonstrates a commitment to restaurant technology, innovation, and customer service, giving restaurants a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In restaurants, a preorder system enables customers to select and pay for their meals in advance, specifying pickup, dine-in, or delivery times. This system streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times, and improves customer and restaurant staff efficiency.

Preordering allows customers to make advance selections and payments for products or services, informing them about shipping or pickup dates. Customers can secure their orders through online payments, contributing to improved business cash flow. 

By taking preorders, restaurants can enhance table turnover rates and cater to the preferences of their restaurant target audience, providing early access to desired items. This efficient system boosts business performance and ensures timely delivery or pickup for customers.

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