According to statistics, as many as 85% of people look for restaurants online (source). This is why it is so important for your pizza place to feature an online pizza ordering system. Without it, customers won’t be able to find you, and you won’t be as recognisable as you could be.

If you think that developing a restaurant website is expensive and takes a lot of time, you are wrong. Below, we present the top 10 best ready-made pizza website templates, thanks to which your restaurant can launch a website quickly and easily, and start increasing sales, the number of online orders, and profits.

1. UpMenu – the best pizza online ordering website template

The Little Italy pizza website template is presented in real Italian style. Additionally, each template is fully integrated with the online food ordering system, which enables you to manage content on the website directly from the system’s administrative panel. This unique project will undoubtedly help you underline the exceptional atmosphere of your restaurant and make you stand out among other restaurant websites. The Little Italy restaurant theme is fully responsive.

pizza website template

2. Vincent – you choose the appearance of the homepage

Vincent is one of the best restaurant website templates for people who prefer to build their brand images independently. This project makes it possible to choose the homepage layout so that you can show those elements you want to focus on. Vincent features everything that can be found in a professional restaurant template: menu section, blog, contact section, etc.

pizza website template

3. Vito – express the true atmosphere of your restaurant

When you look for the best pizza online ordering website templates you should find out whether a given website is SEO-friendly and responsive. The Vito restaurant theme features both. It is optimised in terms of SEO and works well on all Android and iOS devices as well as tablets and iPads. It will help you present your restaurant in an easy and friendly way so you can start online sales quickly.

pizza website template

4. Stewey’s – a WordPress template that you can integrate with the online food ordering system

If you want your website to generate traffic from online orders, you have to keep in mind that it should be functional, responsive, and SEO-friendly. Are you looking for a template for your pizza place or fast food restaurant? Stewey’s will be ideal for you! You simply integrate it with the online food ordering system. Develop your website thank to Stewey’s, one of the best pizza website templates.

pizza website template

5. Pizzaro – adjust the restaurant theme to your specific needs

This responsive and innovative template contains 5 different footer designs, 8 colour options, and 4 header styles. You can decide how your website will look. Any content from a homepage can be easily copied to another page. Pizzaro features a very functional and transparent layout.

pizza website template

6. Pizza Restaurant – a classic among WordPress templates

This is one of the best restaurant website templates, featuring a functional menu which will help you present all your dishes in an attractive way. Furthermore, you can change the template layout in any way to match it to the image and atmosphere of your restaurant. The Pizza Restaurant WordPress theme is an innovative project that will help you start selling online and increase your profit.

pizza website template

7. Pizzetta – start making money online thanks to ready-made demos

This pizza website template enables you to sell food online and customers to place orders directly from the restaurant website. The project is fully responsive, intuitive, and can be adjusted easily. It also features a demo so that you can prepare your website in just a few moments without having to code anything. You can add your content with the Visual Content Composer.

pizza website template

8. Food&Pizzeria – can be matched to any restaurant

The template contains various sections on the homepage which makes it very advanced and functional. It is fully responsive for mobile devices and easy to navigate – it will certainly help you make more money online! This restaurant website template can be easily integrated with the online food ordering system so that you can start earning more money online.

pizza website template

9. Pizzario – a simple and intuitive design for your restaurant

This pizza website template can be adjusted easily. It is fully responsive and will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of your restaurant. The intuitive navigation and unique design will make your website very user friendly. Benefit from this to generate more online orders in a simple way.

pizza website template


Each pizza website template that you choose is very functional and can be easily integrated with the pizza online ordering system. Templates are some of the easiest and most effective methods to start selling online.

Keep in mind that if you want the number of your online orders to increase, you have to have a friendly restaurant website that is easy to navigate. Choose an original but classic design that will reflect the character of your company. Show your best side to the customers!

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