Time deficiency is a common problem for restaurateurs, and restaurant order taking app was developed to help with that. For instance, ordering software assists you in the process of managing the neverending flow of incoming orders.

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You get clear and a simple method of handling order tickets, from the moment the customer chooses wanted products to the delivery.

Moreover, restaurant ordering apps facilitate many other functionalities that support your business at every step of restaurant management.

Extended functionalities of restaurant order taking app

Above all, order management software helps in driving new customers to your business. Convenient ordering taking software is a huge factor for developing proper digital sales channel. By implementing one, you will ensure that your customers get a comfortable and error-free purchase process that will incline them to order again from your establishment.

You will benefit in the same manner. No errors and less effort spent on processing orders means more time for preparing the delivery.

Image of order taking app presented on mobile device

Simplify your work with restaurant order taking app

Restaurant order app should help you and your employees save time and organize work in a better way. That’s why the UpMenu order handling software functions as a quick and simple management tool for the ordering system. You can utilize it to handle every aspect of digital ordering, restaurant operations, and e-marketing in your establishment.

Order management on iOS nad Android

Order taking software is available for iOS and Android devices. To start using it, just download the application version appropriate for your smart device and log in. Connect with your ordering system, and you are ready to handle orders with ease.

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Save time and effort with simple order handling software

From now on, when customer places an order at your restaurant, you will receive sound and visual notification. Then, the restaurant order taking app will display information about the purchase. Click “Accept” and the customer will be immediately notified about order acceptance.

Thanks to the UpMenu solution, this process takes much less time. You no longer need an additional system at the restaurant for daily management of online orders.

delivery processing in restaurant order taking app for android

Key features of restaurant order taking app

Besides accepting and rejecting online orders, the UpMenu restaurants order taking app provides all the key features of an ordering system:

Automated order printing

Integration of the UpMenu order taking application with a receipt printer connected via Bluetooth will make it possible to print online orders automatically, immediately after their acceptance.

This will make work easier because the receipt with order details can be provided to the chef immediately so that you don’t have to record anything from the screen. Moreover, you will save time that you had to sacrifice for manual printing so far.

Products availability management in order taking app

The UpMenu application will also make it possible to manage product availability on the menu in a quick and easy way. As a result, you can react immediately when you have used all the ingredients for a particular dish; you can instantly make that dish unavailable on the menu.

Moreover, you can access your ordering system through an app for taking orders in restaurants, whenever and wherever you are. You no longer have to rush to a desktop computer to make necessary amendments.

Menu management in android app for restaurant order taking

Convenient payment refunds through order taking app

When you reject any order that has been already paid online, you have to make a refund. This feature is automated in the order taking app, making it possible for you to make refunds with just one click.

Once again, you save time.

Restaurant loyalty program handling in orders app

Thanks to the order taking app, you can manage loyalty programs created for your restaurant in a native promotional engine. The loyalty-building process can be fully managed through your smartphone.

Again, you can react at any moment or place and adjust ongoing promotions in real-time.

Customer order app – easier ordering for your client base

Upmenu additionally offers a mobile application for your clients. Prepare and publish a restaurant ordering application for your customers to be within their reach whenever they are. Moreover, every user of your ordering app becomes part of your communication channel – you can always reach them with friendly reminders through in-app PUSH notifications.


Use the UpMenu order taking app to simplify the process of accepting online orders and manage online ordering on an on-going basis, in a quick and easy way. This app for restaurant owners will save you time and the time of your employees. To learn more about creating an application for your restaurant read more here

Download the order taking app and see how easy it is to manage online orders in your restaurant daily. If you still haven’t launched the online food ordering system, you can do it in just minutes. Start your free trial today!

❓ What are the key features of order taking app?

Automated order printing – print automatically accepted orders on a connected printer.

Managing products in the menu – Instantly change product availability in response to the current situation.

Making refunds – conveniently refund customer payments with a single click.

Managing points in loyalty programs – award customers with points to grow loyalty.

❓What systems is order taking application available on?

You can download version of order taking app compatible with Android and iOS systems.

Author: Agata Kubiak - Padkowska

She works at UpMenu as a Customer & Partners Program Specialist and her key responsibilities include establishing relationships with potential clients and business partners.

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