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How to sell food online

See how to earn more in restaurants
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Online ordering on a restaurant website or mobile app is now up to 70% of all digital orders.

If you are wondering how to sell online through ordering software for restaurants, simply use the UpMenu system.

Easy implementation

food online today! Simply enter your menu and delivery zones and install the system on your website.

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Sell food on mobile with a branded app

Do you want even more? 6 out of 10 online orders are placed via a restaurant mobile app.

Let your customers order on the restaurant mobile app and increase the number of food product sales by up to 20%.

Collect orders the easy way

You can collect orders easily, with just one click in your dashboard or in the order taking app.

Save your time and your employees time. Forget about errors with telephone orders and sell food online conveniently.

Marketing functions that support food sales

45% of customers say a restaurant loyalty program would encourage them to order more often.

The UpMenu system will help you with all your marketing activities. Start a free trial and sell food online.

Selling food online has become a huge part of every restaurant’s life. If you happen to own a food establishment, then you must offer your guests online food ordering options. Moreover, there are many marketing strategies, that will encourage your guests to order even more food online! Loyalty programs and various discounts may work in your favor, so make sure to introduce some lunch specials and other promotions. If you want your food to sell fast, then you need to attract your customers with different sales strategies.

Food’s Sale App

We live in a world, where there is an app for everything. For our convenience, we use apps to control our dietary regiments, workouts, daily steps and so on. We can even order our groceries online. There are many apps that sell food. Restaurant collaborate with different delivery companies, so that your meal can arrive at your door fast and hot. It seems like selling food products online has become one of the most popular businesses. You are missing out a lot if you still have not offered your customers an online food ordering option. If you want your restaurant business to gain new customers and retain the existing ones, then you should definitely try to sell your food online.

How to Sell Homemade Food Online?

Selling food products online can be an easy task, as long as you have the right tools. UpMenu system will allow you to sell your own food products online through special ordering software. Doesn’t matter whether you own a big food establishment, or a smaller restaurant, that is still making its way through the food industry. What is more, there has been a huge interest in homemade food recently. People are becoming more and more aware of harmful ingredients which are hiding in food they buy. That’s why restaurants which offer homemade meals are gaining popularity. Homemade food is associated with being healthy and it reminds us of good old times, when our grandparents used to invite us for family get togethers. Times where grannies used to teach grandkids how to make homemade beef stew. There is nothing more delicious, than freshly baked homemade cheese buns. Restaurants that offer homemade food tend to gain more customers. You can easily sell homemade food online as well. Your restaurant can boost its revenue by offering merchandise, like homemade jam jars or other goods.

Online Food Business is Growing Rapidly

How to sell your own food product? You can either sell it at your restaurant or sell it online. And how to sell food online? By implementing some special softwares and apps. If you run a restaurant, you might need to come up with some additional marketing strategies that will help you increase your profits. Your restaurant’s income depends on your sales, so make sure that you know how to sell the product. UpMenu system can help you create food ordering system that will let your guests order food from your restaurant’s website. Moreover, there are many point-of-sale systems that can definitely improve your restaurant’s workflow. You can manage your food establishment more efficiently. The food business is a highly competitive industry. In order to be on top, you need to keep up the good work and offer your customers as many food options as possible.

Different Ways to Sell Food Online

If you want to sell food online, then you must beat your competitors. The key is to keep it simple. Your restaurant website should be easy to navigate and each guest that visits your webside should be amazed by its design. The food pictures have to look good, so that every visitor would start feeling hungry! Do not forget about social media. Online presence is extremely important when it comes to selling food online. You must always remember that a clean and visible layout of your eatery’s website will definitely attract those curious customers.

Loyalty Programs for Online Users

Any loyalty program is usually associated with a physical card that is used by customers in order to collect points. If you want to boost your online sales, you might need to upgrade some of your loyalty programs. Let your online customers collect those points as well. Some systems will help you keep track of all the online transactions. You will be able to see which singed-in customers placed orders, so that they can get new points, that eventually turn into prizes. Almost 53% of customers surveyed that they are more willing to come back to a restaurant, if they know they can sign up in a loyalty program and get some gifts.

Selling Food Online is Convenient

If you want to sell food online, then you might need a good system that will help you out with all the online orders. Once you have the system all set up, then you might start making that extra profit. With online food ordering, you will avoid any errors, like sending unwanted dishes or wrong delivery addresses. People are supposed to type in their contact info and pick all the meals they wish to order. Simple as that! Well, there is always a chance of an error, but with a good online ordering system, those chances are pretty low.

Payment Options

How to sell food online? It’s easy – find a food ordering system that will suit your needs! By offering different payment methods, you will also gain more customers. Let your customers choose, whether they wish to pay with cash or online, once they have placed their order via a food ordering app. People are becoming very convenient these days and most of them do not even carry cash on them. An online payment is one of the fastest and easiest ways to pay for your food or any other goods.

How to Earn Even More?

There are many ways to increase your restaurant’s profits. Paid ads, social media presence, advertising your food business on a local radio station and much more. Offering your clients an online food ordering method is a must. And even if you have already teamed up with any food delivery app, you might need to take a closer look at your website as well. You should optimize it as much as possible. You need a system which can be easily installed on your restaurant’s website. A system that will let you collect online orders straight from your eatery’s website. Your guests will have to enter some basic contact info like phone and address if they want to place an order. Let them browse through the menu. Make sure to upload some good food pictures!

What Else Can We Say About Selling Food Online?

We cannot stop raving about it! And online food ordering system is definitely the fastest and most convenient way to sell the food! What’s more, recent months showed us that online food ordering has become a huge trend. This phenomenon is still on the rise. Almost 53% of people claim to be ordering out at least once a month. It is also one of the safest ways to get your food. Many customers like the idea of being able to order their favorite dishes without the need to leave their houses. Furthermore, loyalty programs and other special offers are definitely encouraging customers to come back again. There are numerous reasons, why online food ordering systems are on the rise!

How To Sell Food Online and Earn Your Profits?

You might already know how to sell food online, but how about those extra profits? Some food ordering systems were designed not only to take care of food deliveries, but to also help you with your marketing strategies. Even though POS systems and other restaurant management softwares seem to be more advanced when it comes to implementing different marketing solutions, ordering systems are also helpful. They often offer already mentioned loyalty programs. So make sure to take a closer look at this option if available! It will definitely grant you some new customers and therefore some more income!

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