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PizzaPortal alternative for restaurants

Your own online orders form your website, mobile application and Facebook

Count how much you can save

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You can save so much by launching your own ordering system instead selling by portal.


Online food ordering portals


circle with exclamation sign PNG IconContinuously rising costs (commission). circle with check mark PNG IconMany times lower costs (predictable and flat monthly subscription).
circle with exclamation sign PNG IconNo customer database and permission for communication. circle with check mark PNG IconUpMenu builds restaurant own customer database with marketing permissions.
circle with exclamation sign PNG IconAddiction to the portal. In the case of termination of cooperation with the portal, the restaurant stays with nothing. No traffic, orders and customer database. circle with check mark PNG IconIn front of restaurant customer there are no UpMenu brand.

Save money – don’t spend it on commission for a PizzaPortal

Is the commission you have to pay to your PizzaPortal too much? Soon, food delivery will no longer be profitable?

When you use a food delivery portal, you have to pay a greater amount of commission if you sell more. The costs can be endless.

Launch a PizzaPortal alternative

When you launch a PizzaPortal alternative, you will be gaining a channel you can redirect your customers to who wish to order online, when cooperation with such a portal is no longer profitable.

You will gain a stronger position for negotiating the terms of cooperation with the food delivery portal. Without such an alternative, you will have to agree with all requests from the portal, otherwise you will lose profit from online sales.

Promote your own online orders

The UpMenu online food ordering system enables your customers to remain your customers. Their data will be stored in a newsletter database automatically. It will belong entirely to you. Then, you can send campaigns to your customers, notifying them about your latest products and promotions.

A newsletter database is also generated on food delivery portals, but it doesn’t belong to you and the portal can use it to promote competing restaurants.

Sell through your own restaurant website and mobile app

Thanks to a PizzaPortal alternative, you can finally have full control over online sales.

Advertise your restaurant and orders made through the restaurant website and mobile application, instead of a food delivery portal.

Manage online sales in an easy way

The UpMenu system enables you to manage your menu and prices at any time without any technical skills. You can also make changes at any time.

This is difficult without a PizzaPortal alternative. Each change has to be requested and you then have to wait for it to be introduced, when often, you have to react immediately.

Increase sales thanks to new marketing possibilities

The UpMenu system is not just a PizzaPortal alternative. It is also a completely new marketing tool that will help you increase sales of all your products.

Benefit from a loyalty programme, discount vouchers, promotion engine, SMS, email and PUSH campaign, and earn more!

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