One of the most popular search queries of 2020 was “Mexican places that deliver around me” – yes, amidst a worldwide pandemic, what a lot of people really seemed to be concerned about was getting their burrito fix! And who could blame them – Mexican food is chock full of fresh vegetables, savoury fried meats, spices and, put simply, flavor. So seeing as how getting a quality Mexican meal is such a priority to so many of your countrymen in this time of crisis, let’s talk a little about how to give your customers just that. Because nothing ruins a Mexican meal like soggy vegetables, slimy brown avocado and tough meat! So order your employees to get those Mexican food orders right by following the simple tips listed below.

To deliver delicious Mexican food orders, be sure to:

Pack veggies separately

It might seem like a lot of extra packaging, but the effects will be worth it – and if you use biodegradable materials, you won’t be harming the environment, either. Plus, a lot of people will find it downright fun to assemble their own burrito…build your own pizza parlors exist for a reason!

Pack sauces separately

Lukewarm sauce will turn anything soggy in no time – and one of the great tragedies of the best Mexican dishes is that they are chock-full of delicious sauces. That’s why, much like the veggies we talked about above, sauces should always be packed separately. Better your customer spend a moment pouring the gooey cheese dip over their nachos themselves than eat a limp, sticky mess. Not to mention packing these kinds of sauces separately makes it easy to reheat them in a microwave if need be.

Remember that not every dish was meant for takeaway

Steak was never meant to be a takeaway food, sorry not sorry. Steaks were meant to be consumed straight off the pan, oozing their pink delicious juices out their charred exteriors…not to mention the flank steaks often used for Mexican-style steaks get unbearably tough when they cool. If you want to make sure your customers get a quality steak, have them come in for it, it’s as simple as that.

Do you have any other tips on how to provide your customers with a genuine Mexican restaurant experience, even when the current situation forces them to order online? Be sure to let us know!

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