What does pre-order mean? It’s simple – your customers place orders in advance, and you increase profits and organize your work. The number of no-show reservations also falls. That’s the simplest pre-order definition.

The food delivery market, mainly through food ordering apps, will increase by as much as 79% over the next six years! Are you sure that your restaurant will benefit fully from such advantageous conditions?

Customers love restaurants where you can order ahead and dine-in. 67% of them would benefit from restaurant pre-ordering if their meal was waiting for them when they came to the restaurant. (source) This is the “order ahead and dine-in” option offered by the UpMenu system.

What is a pre-order app and website?

Pre-ordering is the option to order food on a pre-order website or mobile application for a particular day and time. Customers who order food online for take-out or delivery can specify the time when the order is to be prepared.

The case is similar when the customer wishes to order food in advance and dine-in. Using an online food ordering system, they can pre order food to be prepared for a certain time. Then, they don’t have to wait at the table for the order to be prepared.

Pre-ordering system on restaurant website.

How to sell pre-order food?

To sell pre-order meals, all you need is the UpMenu system on your restaurant website or mobile app. It’s super simple – just inform your customers about this ordering option.

You can create special promotions for customers, introduce them to new features, and publish posts about them on social media. When your guests ask the waiters why they have been waiting so long for food, inform them that next time, they can order earlier online.

These simple actions will help you increase the number of orders and your profits. Start a free trial and see for yourself.

Benefits of pre-ordering

Your customers will be able to order more easily and conveniently – no matter where or when. Ordering comfort like this is given by the UpMenu system with the pre ordering option – all they have to do is select the day and time when they want to get food.

They won’t have to wait in line! Both when ordering to dine-in, and with the option of delivery and takeout – they skip the line. They save time, do not get irritated, and are more satisfied with your service.

Thanks to the possibility of pre-ordering, your employees will also benefit. They will be able to organize their work time more efficiently and be more effective. They will know when they can expect a larger number of customers at the restaurant and when they will have more orders to complete for delivery or take out.

As a result, they are able to provide services to more customers, who are also not angry at having to wait for their order at the table or waiting to be seated. They are happier with the quality of service at your restaurant and they return more often. They also recommend your restaurant to their friends and family.

All this leads to increased income for you. 26% of customers declare that the restaurant’s offering of pre-ordering options has a big impact on where they choose to dine, and 45% of customers consider it one of the most important factors when choosing a restaurant. (source)

More effective employees handle more satisfied customers who spend more money at your restaurant and invite their friends to enjoy the meals prepared by you, together. Everything is possible thanks to a food ordering app with the possibility of pre-ordering.

Pre-ordering system on restaurant website.


The best online food ordering system should offer the possibility of pre-ordering. 

The best pre-order definition is that your customers will have the ability to order food for a specific time quickly and easily, which they can then consume at your restaurant without having to wait for the meals to be prepared. They can also order delivery of food for a specific date and time.

This will help you organize tasks at the restaurant and meet customers ’expectations. As a result, you will increase profits and bypass your competition. Find out more about table reservations in the UpMenu system that, when combined with pre-ordering, will prevent canceled reservations from occurring at your restaurant!

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you organize pre-ordering for your restaurant!

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