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You are wondering which UpMenu functions will be the most useful for you? See what other restaurateurs choose most frequently!

Agata Trzaskawka

She joined UpMenu in 2022 and took the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. Her daily duties include creating content, running marketing projects and monitoring market trends. She spends her free time with her dogs, on forest walks or on a bicycle.

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Before choosing a tool to launch online sales, you probably wonder which of the functions will be most useful for your business at the beginning. For this purpose, we have created a mini-guide to UpMenu functionalities that other restaurateurs are eager to use.

The most commonly used upmenu functions


Most of our customers, as over 72% of them, launched the option of every promotion. No wonder. All discounts are one of the most alluring tools. Preparing an effective promotion will not only encourage your potential customers to view the restaurant’s offer, but also motivate them to make a faster purchasing decision, especially when it comes to time-limited promotions.

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Coupons were ranked second most frequently used functions – they are used by 54% of restaurateurs cooperating with UpMenu. They are closely related to promotions, but they make your customers much more engaged and loyal than general discounts displayed on your website, visible to every recipient.

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Table reservation is an option used by more and more restaurateurs. Currently 40% of the UpMenu users benefit from this option. The increase in the use of this function was largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions related to the number of guests in restaurants. In addition, online booking does not require the involvement of employees in accepting reservations, it also reduces the probability of making a mistake – our system allows for efficient and clear management of the entire booking process. 

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Loyalty program

Over 31% of our users decided to launch a loyalty program and the number still grows. If you would like to keep your customers and stand out from the enormous competition, then promotions alone are not enough. The key is to build a true relationship and trust with your guests. One way to establish such a relationship is to start a loyalty program. We have prepared different program scenarios so that you can reward your customers depending on their commitment.

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Mobile application

More than half of the population uses mobile applications, which is why 30% of our customers met their expectations and decided to launch an application for their restaurants. What are the benefits of such a solution? First of all, you enable your guests to order meals faster and more conveniently. The mobile application also increases the potential of your marketing activities – you can, among others, automatically collect opinions, give guests discount coupons or send them PUSH notifications.

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 SMS campaigns

SMS campaigns are a marketing tool used by almost 30% of UpMenu customers. Although you can only send text messages to customers who have previously agreed to receive them, it is a very effective way to reach guests. You can inform them about new dishes on your menu, about promotions or special events that you will organize, for example on the occasion of Valentine’s Day or Children’s Day. The key to satisfactory results is the development of a well-thought-out promotional strategy and long-term action. 

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PUSH campaigns

PUSH notifications are used by 27% of our clients, but they can only be implemented by those users who have opted for the mobile application. PUSH campaigns are another channel that serves loyalty and building relationships with the client. By preparing the right communication strategy, you can significantly increase your order conversion and drive your sales.

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EMAIL campaigns

Attractively prepared e-mails can effectively arouse the appetite of guests, which is why 21% of UpMenu users decided to use this customer acquisition channel. Newsletters can only be sent to guests who have previously agreed to it, but thanks to this you can be sure that your messages reach only those who have previously had contact with your brand, know it and are interested in using its services again.

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11% of restaurateurs using UpMenu decided to publish the opinions of their customers. Reviews of other users are one of the most reliable sources of information about a given brand. It is worth considering enabling this option, because it makes your restaurant more transparent and authentic for guests. In order for customer feedback to have a positive impact on your sales, it must first and foremost be visible, diverse and true on the website. If you remove unfavorable comments or they look unrealistic, you can get counterproductive – a customer unconvinced about their authenticity may become alienated from the brand. 

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Do you have questions related to any of these features? Write to us! We are happy to provide you with appropriate tips.

Agata Trzaskawka

She joined UpMenu in 2022 and took the position of Digital Marketing Specialist. Her daily duties include creating content, running marketing projects and monitoring market trends. She spends her free time with her dogs, on forest walks or on a bicycle.

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