As many as 75 million websites use WordPress out of the 172 million active sites on the internet. Also in the restaurant industry, WordPress restaurant website themes are very popular. At the same time, the WordPress menu widget makes it possible to simplify restaurant management and increase profits with a food delivery service.

What is the WordPress menu widget

The WordPress menu widget makes it possible to implement an online food ordering system on your restaurant website if it’s supported by a WordPress restaurant website theme. The WordPress menu widget makes it possible to launch online ordering on your restaurant website easily, without any special IT skills.

WordPress menu widget

Operation of the WordPress menu widget

If you want to start online sales easily at your restaurant, use the WordPress menu widget offered by UpMenu. You can also implement the online ordering system without difficulty, while the availability of numerous best WordPress menu themes will help you adjust the online food ordering system to match the restaurant website design and image of your brand.

The UpMenu WordPress menu widget will change the menu section on your website from a static version to a menu that makes it possible to place online orders. Give your customers the convenience of ordering food online. This is now what they expect!

WordPress menu widget

A customer can place an order easily and it will be sent directly to your administrative panel in the UpMenu online food ordering system. You can collect it on any device with access to the internet, e.g. a tablet or iPad. You will hear a sound notification and you can accept or reject the order with just one click.

A customer will receive an order confirmation from you with the processing time in real time. The online food ordering system will also ask them for their opinion regarding your food quality and delivery service. in this way, the WordPress menu widget will process orders easily for your customers.

WordPress menu widget

Numerous menu themes for the WordPress menu widget

The UpMenu WordPress menu widget makes it possible to choose among numerous WordPress menu themes. That will help you adjust the online food ordering system to your restaurant website. All themes are entirely mobile and enable full content management.

It also offers menu management at any time. The WordPress menu widget makes this possible in a simple way; from the administrative panel of the online food ordering system. You don’t need to pay for the services of IT experts to make changes in the menu. All changes can be easily introduced by you.

WordPress menu widget


Use the WordPress menu widget for proper management of your online orders. The WordPress menu themes can be easily adjusted to your restaurant website design. Integration and configuration of the WordPress menu widget will only take a few seconds.

Forget about a busy telephone line, errors when noting down details of the food delivery service, and irritated customers. Let them order conveniently online thanks to the WordPress menu widget.

Read more about restaurant menu themes in the following article: Best restaurant menu themes – a complete guide to online food ordering, and launch the WordPress menu widget.

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