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X Menu Show your products with a menu created specifically for the WordPress restaurant theme. Give yourself an internet presence and start to sell online.


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Presentation of Restaurant WordPress Theme on desktop and mobile devices

Theme features

X Menu WordPress offers many different menu templates, any of which can easily add more quality to your restaurant website.

WordPress allows for a quick plugin of the X Menu theme. You will be able to manage it easily, thanks to the advanced CMS help feature.

Choose a one of a kind theme If you think classic menu templates are too ordinary for your restaurant, consider opting for the X Menu theme. It will let you highlight your own unique style.

The theme shows the significant aspects of your menu. The available dishes are presented against an elegant black background.

Menu that is different from others The X Menu theme has an aura of mystery which will intrigue customers. It is a great choice for an extraordinary menu in a bold style.

Show that your restaurant dares to offer different things than other places. Many customers will be tempted to try something completely new and special.

Enjoy the growth X Menu will encourage adventurous customers to try food from your restaurant. They will need no support to order their favourite dishes quickly and easily.

Providing customers with an original template may help your business to develop, and you will be able to notice a growth in sales sooner than you would have imagined.

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