Increasing restaurant sales can be easier than you think and does not have to require a lot of money. Skillful online restaurant marketing can bring you more orders and increase sales and profits! You will be closer to your customers than ever before and ahead of your competition! It’s all in four easy steps!

Restaurant website with order button highlighted

1. Professional website – restaurant marketing on your own site

A website is your business card on the Internet. Having a professional website builds the brand of your restaurant. If you launch an online ordering system, such as UpMenu, and, additionally, give customers the option of ordering via an application – you will significantly increase sales, the number of orders being processed! Why?

  • You are ahead of the competition – your customers will have your restaurant all the time! It is much better than the multi-million advertisement campaign in mainstream media. You will crush the competition that will only be envious of your great approach to restaurant marketing!
  • You will improve the operations of your establishment – forget about blocked telephone lines, lost orders, and irritated customers! UpMenu system will allow you to receive orders instantly – with one click!
  • You will allow customers to place orders in a few moments – not only can they order where and when they want, but it will take seconds!
Restaurant marketing website for sushi bar.
Website for burger restaurant
Restaurant marketing website for smoothie bar

2. Automated restaurant marketing

When your customers place their high-speed orders, they will leave their details with consent for marketing contact. This will allow you to create an email and SMS campaign; and in the case of a mobile application – also push notifications!

Such regular operation will increase restaurant sales in your establishment and the preparation of the campaign will take you a few moments! In the UpMenu system, you have access to easy-to-use newsletter tools!

Automated customer communication with e-mail, sms and push notifications

3. Launch special customer loyalty programs, due to which your customers will return

Perhaps none of the restaurant marketing tools work as well to increase the frequency of placing orders by specific customers as a loyalty program does. Define the terms in an easy way and give your customers a special discount on subsequent orders! They will definitely come back to you for more! That’s how to increase restaurant sales.

Restaurant marketing idea - coupons and discounts

4. Use your products dynamically and create offers that your clients will not be able to resist!

The rule is simple – the more you offer, the more you sell. In your own online ordering system, you decide which marketing activities to use.

Automated SMS and push notification communication with customers

Create a special promotion for selected products or give your customers a discount code! Make them wait impatiently for the next message from you with a great offer prepared especially for them! Using the UpMenu system you can choose from:

  • SMS/email campaigns,
  • marketing automation,
  • advanced promotions module,
  • promoting specific items from the menu,
  • loyalty programs,
  • discount coupons.
Discount codes - thorough tool to better customer retention


Summarizing, the extensive online ordering system, including the appropriate tools online restaurant marketing, will help you permanently increase sales in your establishment, without engaging too much of your time or money. It’s just pure profit.

See, how it works: How does online ordering system work?

Still, wondering how to increase restaurant sales?  If you want to launch the UpMenu system and earn more on online orders, contact us!

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