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Comprehensive guide to restaurants that accept PayPal


With the advent of the digital age, businesses had to adapt their practices in order to keep in touch with their clients. One of the areas which required adaptation was how payments are accepted and processed. Very few people carry actual notes on their persons, most relying on cards or alternative methods, such as PayPal or mobile payments.

Restaurants are one of the most volatile businesses around, they need to constantly change and reinvent themselves in order to stay afloat. If they don’t, the clients will simply move on to the next best thing. As we all know, the devil is in the details so if your competition is a restaurant that accepts PayPal and you don’t, you may find yourself in trouble. Not everyone realizes this simple truth, however. If you are a foodie who abhors physical money, you are in luck. In this article, we will guide you through using PayPal as a viable payment method in a selection of restaurants.

How to pay at a restaurant using PayPal

PayPal is an online paying system that is accepted as a viable payment method all over the world. It is mostly used for buying products and services on the Internet. Gradually, however, it is becoming more accepted to use PayPal as a real life substitute for money or credit cards. It’s completely free to make a new account and link your credit card or bank account to it.

There are a couple of ways that you can use your PayPal account to pay at a restaurant. The most common one is using a digital wallet connected to your PayPal account. Another one is using an app or website provided by the restaurant itself.

How to use a Digital Wallet to pay with PayPal at a restaurant

With cryptocurrency becoming more and more popular, digital wallets have found their place in the average Joe’s smartphone. However, it’s important to remember any crypto transactions made through these wallets may be subject to crypto taxes.

A digital wallet is an app that allows you to pay in a business (a restaurant in this case) by touching the terminal with your phone. It automatically connects the terminal with your payment account and performs the necessary transaction.

To use a digital wallet connected to PayPal at a restaurant that accepts them both, make sure you have it set up properly as your primary payment source. When settling your bill, simply tap your phone onto the terminal and your payment should go through.

How to pay with PayPal with an app at a restaurant

Some food places have dedicated websites or mobile apps that give the tips of your fingers the power to place your order online without getting off the couch. You need only to check if your venue of choice accepts PayPal as one of the payment methods and then select it when paying for your order. It’s that simple!

Food places that definitely accept PayPal

Now that we’ve covered the technicalities, you’re probably eager to place your first order using your digital money. But not every restaurant accepts PayPal. Here’s where we come in. We prepared a list of food places that accept PayPal, both online and in-store.


This establishment is definitely keeping up with its rather young clientele. Here you can cover your food costs with PayPal via the restaurant’s app or by using one of many digital wallets like Android Pay or Samsung Pay. You can also use PayPal to get some credit onto your prepaid or virtual Dunkin’ card and pay in-store.


This food place fully embraced PayPal as an alternative method of payment. You can link your PayPal account to your personal Chick-fil-A card and pay for your takeaway. And if you are a corporate client, you can even cover large catering orders directly from your Chick-fil-A account. Worried about your data? This restaurant puts security and privacy first, your details are safe and encrypted.

Burger King

You can easily pay for your burgers from here if you order via the Burger King app. PayPal is listed alongside credit cards and cash as a viable payment source. Simply select PayPal at checkout and pick up your order from the preferred location. Since this restaurant chain is putting a strong emphasis on their app, this is the only way to pay via PayPal, but it is accepted nevertheless.


You can pay at KFC using a digital wallet of your choice, just remember to set up PayPal as your primary payment source. This restaurant has not implemented in-app payments using PayPal unfortunately, you have to tap your mobile phone on the terminal in person. It is however one of the many restaurants that accept PayPal at all.


Similarly to KFC, McDonald’s doesn’t have a PayPal payment option when using their app. In fact, in many places McDonald’s does not deliver at all, you need to use third party delivery options like Glovo or UberEats. However, if you are at one of their numerous locations, you can definitely pay for your food with PayPal by using one of the many digital wallets available. The most popular one is definitely Android Pay.


Subway as a franchise has been on the decline recently, with thousands of restaurants closing every year all around the world. In order to combat this, Subway took some steps to be more client-friendly than its competition. As a result, a mobile client can pay in almost any way imaginable. You can even set up PayPal One Touch which allows you to pay for your order without having to log in to your account every single time. We fully endorse restaurants that have PayPal checkout.

We sincerely hope we helped you discover the world of PayPal payments, which really streamline the process of ordering and paying for meals. Each and every day new restaurants and chains add PayPal to their list of possible payment options so this list is far from exhausted. Looking at digital trends, soon we may all be paying via PayPal for food, groceries, and many more so it’s time to get on with the times!

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