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Décor Ideas for an Italian Style Restaurant


If you go out for a lunch or dinner to a restaurant, do you ever appreciate the décor? Some people seem not to even notice all the hard work that was put in the restaurant scenery, but science says that a nice interior makes you feel better and come back there more often. So, if you are a restaurant owner and you wish to remodel your venue, or perhaps you are looking for some inspirations for your soon-to-be opened restaurant, we have some great Italian style restaurant décor ideas for you!

Concept is Everything!

First, you need to think of a general concept. Do you want to open up a very chic and elegant place, or perhaps a cozy family restaurant, that will be more affordable for your future potential customers? Perhaps a classic Italian restaurant décor would interest you? If you are still struggling with your choice, we suggest a trip to Italy (if possible, of course!), to seek inspirations not only for the décor but also for the food! Remember, a pleasant and a neat décor is a serious factor when it comes to restaurants. It will determine a huge portion of your business and its success.

Choose a Perfect Type for your Italian Restaurant

There are many common types of Italian restaurants, which are called ristorante, osteria, trattoria, pizzeria and more. Each type of that Italian restaurant has its own features and indicates what type of food one can find there. Ristorante is a fine dining establishment, while a traditional osteria is a small, bar-like type of a place. Trattoria is usually a family run business. If you decide to create a “ristorante”, then you might need a more sophisticated décor for your Italian restaurant. But if you want to go with a pizzeria, you can either create a fine décor or something plain and simple, that will still attract your customers.

The Key Lies in the Details!

If you type “Italian style restaurant décor”, the internet will show you all those cute looking restaurants, and if you look closer, you will be able to notice, that most of those places seem “cluttered” at first. But this is what most eateries in Italy look like. The interior has many details, that makes the whole place look cozy and homy. Italians are very family oriented, so in many cases, when you visit an Italian restaurant, you will feel as if you entered somebody’s home. Checked tablecloths seem like an inseparable piece at every Italian style restaurant. If you look for a classic Italian restaurant décor, you might need to get those!

Looking for a Rather Chic Italian Restaurant Décor?

If you wish to open up an elegant Italian style restaurant, then you might want to look into some faux finishes, murals and wall embellishments. White tablecloths might be a better option here, but it all depends on your concept of course. Good porcelain and chic wine glasses are a must here. Decide if you want to make it look minimalistic or not. There are some Italian restaurants with a special theme in their décor. Perhaps you would like to have that in your establishment as well? Gardens of Tuscany or maybe something less romantic? Options are limitless!

Classic Italian Style Restaurant Décor

If you are looking for a classic Italian style décor for your restaurant, you might want to add those checked tablecloths, that we’ve mentioned before. Perhaps some wall décor? Remember, that most Italian restaurants seem very cozy. They put a lot of photographs on the walls, or there are some candles on tables. A flower and a napkin! Salt and pepper as well, of course. The décor of a typical Italian restaurant is full of details and elements that are mostly made from metal or wood. And again – lots of flowers of course.

A Modern Style Italian Restaurant Décor – does it sound a bit odd?

Most of us, when we hear about Italian restaurants, we have that image of a cozy place that serves some delicious pasta, right? But what if you want to abandon that idea, and create a modern and chic, but affordable place, to order a pizza or different Italian dishes? Be our guest! Simplicity is the answer here. Perhaps a true Italian might find it unacceptable, but if you wish to have a rather raw décor, that consists of plain tables and modern wall art – then it is all up to you! It might not be typical though, but if you add some contemporary accents that are related to Italian cuisine, then you might attract a younger generation for sure. Who knows, maybe not only a younger clientele would visit your restaurant!

How About Some Décor Variations?

If you are looking for some creative Italian Restaurant décor trends and ideas, you might want to focus on…fresh herbs! Why not putting some herbs around the restaurant? Flowers – yes, we’ve mentioned that, but herbs might be another option as well. If you own (or wish to own) a pizzeria, then try to emphasize it! The pizza oven might make a cool display. Italian style restaurant décor can be as varied as its owner’s imagination, so make sure to brainstorm some ideas, because you never know what can come to your mind. Perhaps a themed restaurant? It is all up to you!

What About Those Italian Style Themed Restaurants and Their Décor?

Theme is not a must, but if you decide to have one in your restaurant, then you might want to be consistent with the décor. If you wish to have a sailor theme, then think of blue colors, perhaps some golden accents. A cool golden helm would make a nice piece of your restaurant’s décor. There are some other ideas for themed restaurants. You can always seek help of a professional interior designer, but there are plenty of amazing ideas on the internet as well. Perhaps you want a classic family themed restaurant, or a bistro bar. You make the rules here!

Looking for an Easy and Affordable Upgrade?

Of course, a professional interior decorator would probably design something cool and interesting, but if you are on a budget, you can still revamp your restaurant at a low cost. Sometimes a simple change of colors might refresh the whole place. Think of a main shade, that will make the venue look clean and pleasant. Add few new accessories, maybe some fresh flowers? New cutlery or different napkins? Some wall art? You don’t need to get rid of everything, of course. Just add something new. Trust us, your loyal customers will notice that for sure!

We all probably have a classic Italian restaurant image in our heads, but some restaurants in Italy are styled in diverse ways as well. But if you want to offer your customers a piece of Italy far away from Italy, then you might want to use some of the ideas above. A good Italian restaurant combines a nice décor, delicious food and impeccable customer service. With all that – you are destined for success!

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska

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