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Earning Passive Income through UpMenu’s Partner Program


Passive income is a hot topic as a source of additional revenue. What is passive income? Let’s hear from Wendy Neill, a participant in the UpMenu reseller program.

In today’s global society, there are many opportunities for income. Some of those opportunities are considered “passive income.” Passive income is an ongoing revenue stream which requires little or no additional effort after setup. Examples include writing and selling a book, investing in dividend stocks, owning rental properties, using a cashback credit card, or allowing ads on your YouTube videos.

I have been in the web design business in the United States for 18 years. I charge a setup fee to build websites for my customers, then I charge monthly for the hosting, domain name administration, and maintenance of the website. Some months, they need me to do some work on the website, but many months they don’t. This is an example of passive income.

Just before the pandemic hit in 2020, I discovered UpMenu. I decided this would be another excellent source of passive income for my business. Since then, I have successfully set up several restaurants and bakeries with UpMenu.

Not only has this been beneficial to my business, but it has been beneficial to the restaurants and to their end customers. The restaurants have survived the pandemic much better than they would have, because I provided them with online ordering and contactless pickup when customers were nervous to come inside. Customers love the ease of ordering from the website or from the restaurant’s custom app. (UpMenu’s pricing, which includes custom apps for restaurants, is very affordable.)

UpMenu’s Partners program offers two types of passive income: their Affiliate program and their Reseller program.

The Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program is the simplest form of passive income. Once you become an Affiliate Partner, you simply refer customers to UpMenu using your partner link, or you can create an account for that customer. Once they start paying UpMenu, you start receiving a 16.5% recurring commission! If you refer 10 or more customers, you start earning 20% commission on all those customers! If the customer has questions or problems, they contact UpMenu instead of you.

The Reseller Program

I participate in the Reseller program. I take care of setting up my customer on UpMenu using the “white label”. This allows me to use my own branding, and my customer doesn’t know it is UpMenu. I pay UpMenu a reduced rate each month, and then I charge my customer for setup plus my own monthly fees for the ordering system and my assistance. If the customer has a problem, they call me instead of UpMenu. If I am unable to figure it out, I contact UpMenu’s excellent tech support, and they get back to me within 24 hours. If my customer needs a certain feature that isn’t available on UpMenu, I can pass that along to tech support, and often they have added that feature to an upcoming release for me.

Interested in earning some passive income? Learn more at the following links:

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Agata Kubiak - Padkowska

Agata Kubiak - Padkowska

Digital content creator, passionate about helping restaurants to start selling online.

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