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Pizza marketing strategies for 2020

Marta Szczakowska

She has been with UpMenu for 8 years and her current position is Customer & Partners Program Specialist. Marta’s tasks include building good relations with current clients and business partners and acquiring new contacts. A horse riding enthusiast, dog and horse lover, chocoholic, 10-year-old boy’s mother, mentally an Italian.

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Pizza marketing may seem to be simple and easy as it can be. Building a marketing plan for a pizza shop is quite simple; the high quality of pizza should drive your business. The problem is that there are really so many pizza restaurants in the market.

And you have to stand out among them.

The majority of them look very similar. Often, owners do not really have an idea for their pizza marketing campaign so, they try to sell their own conception of an Italian restaurant, or they create a pizza place and a club in one. Although these marketing ideas are viable, you have to do more to reach out to your customers.

The results of such activities are often not too satisfactory. Those pizza places often drown in the ocean of other local businesses serving the same type of cuisine. So, what are the best marketing ideas for pizza restaurant owners to get new customers?

Pizza marketing strategy #1 – Be noticeable!

Give your guests something that none of the other pizza shops can offer them! If there are only Italian restaurants in your area, serve American pizza instead. If there are no exceptional chiefs in other pizza places, do everything you can to employ one! It is one of the greatest pizza restaurant ideas to offer outstanding and original dishes.

Ask your guests what they expect from a pizza restaurant and implement their suggestions. Listen to their feedback and act accordingly.

Explore new toppings options

The great pizza marketing idea is to implement in your restaurant new exotic toppings. Experiment with new ingredients and flavors to bring a completely unique dining experience to your customers. Although pizza is known for ages, new topping options can be an exciting addition to your menu.

Don’t forget to include tasty alternatives for your vegan customers or those with dietary restrictions. Also, gluten-free pies could be another great asset in your card.

Adapting exotic toppings will enhance your pizza marketing and sales.

Pizza marketing strategy #2 -Consistent pizza shop image

Don’t forget about brand consistency; if you serve Italian pizza and you use references to fast food in your advertising campaigns, your customers won’t really know what you’re offering them. People are more trusting towards a business that have a consistent image among its promotional materials.

Each element of your business, from the pizza you serve to your flyers, should match the theme of your restaurant’s brand image.

The best idea for achieving brand consistency is detailed planning and noting down all the features and methods for pizza advertising. Think about which photos and graphics will be most fitting to your brand and which ones won’t be suitable.

Decide what style do you want in ads for pizza and how your restaurant should look and create compelling design for your website,mobile app and brick-and-mortar location.

Image of free tables in restaurant - consequence of bad restaurant marketing strategy

Pizza marketing strategy #3 – How to increase pizza sales online

Today’s restaurant marketing strategies focus strongly on online promotion. Guests are primarily looking for information about new eateries online. More than 80%% of users prefer to check the restaurant menu before making dining decisions according to Angelsmith.

Create a professional website

Creating a website for your restaurant is one of the greatest pizza advertisement ideas. It should function as your online business card that is the first thing your potential customers access.

Keep in mind that a website must be adjusted to mobile devices and easy to navigate. Good quality photos of your dishes will be an additional advantage in advertising for pizza.

Present your dishes in the most appealing way with the help of a professional photographer, or try to make the best pictures you can with our guide to Professional food photography on your own

Screen of online ordering system and restaurant marketing strategies execution

Launch online ordering

Pizza places are ideal for launching online ordering for restaurants because they usually have large food delivery sales. With an online order feature, you unlock access to even more potential customers.

If you offer deliveries or takeout, launch an online ordering service. This will contribute greatly to increasing the number of orders, while you gain access to completely new marketing features at the same time. With the UpMenu online food ordering system, you get access to many new ways to advertise pizza.

Additionally, if you cooperate with an online ordering software provider, you will limit the number of commission fees that you have to incur. Popular third-party platforms like Grubhub or FoodPanda charge eateries with provisions on every ordered product item. With the UpMenu you are paying a stable monthly fee according to the chosen pricing plan, no additional hidden costs included.

We have written about white label ordering system alternatives to third-party platforms enterprises in the article:

Alternatives to online ordering platform for restaurants

Social media marketing for pizza

Nowadays, Social media gives huge possibilities for marketing strategies. A strong presence on Facebook will help you build a community around your brand and funnel traffic to your restaurant website.

Share news regarding the restaurant with your Facebook followers. Show the daily life of your team at work. Post information about special offers and promotions. Make everyone see how great your pizza restaurant is!

Another great asset provided by the UpMenu is an option to enable online ordering directly on your Facebook page. Facilitating online orders directly on your social media page in one of the greatest marketing ideas for pizza owners who would like to be closer to their customers.

Pizza marketing strategy # 4 – offer best pizza promotions

Promotions have always attracted guests to pizza restaurants. Create regular promotions and loyalty programs for your customers. Additionally, offer sales in bulk or sets and make them available both at the restaurant and online. This can be made easily with online ordering from UpMenu!

It will enable you to increase the quantity and value of orders placed at the restaurant, and hence increase your profit! Don’t forget about new customers that could be lured in with attractive pizza promotion ideas.

Offer more attractive discounts than your competition to get ahead and bring in even more new customers.

Image of discount provided through online ordering system - Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Pizza marketing ideas for 2020

There are many pizza marketing ideas that you can utilize in your business.

Now we are experiencing the rise of online solutions that enhance both customers’ experience and pizza restaurant marketing possibilities. We are presenting the breakdown of marketing operations for the pizza businesses, that are supported by the online ordering system from UpMenu.


One of the greatest advantages for your restaurant business provided by UpMenu are thorough marketing tools included in the system. Streamline communication with your customers with automated email campaigns and push notifications.

Utilize email marketing to approach potential customers with pizza ads, promotions, and information about your restaurant. You need to create a clear and positive dialogue with customers that will benefit your pizza shop.

Proper communication is a vital aspect for local businesses that would like to keep a high customer retention rate. In the long term – loyal customers are the backbone of pizza shops. Stable ordering from regulars makes planning your pizza restaurant finances even easier.

Another way of communication with your customer base are push notifications. They are displayed directly on mobile devices seconds after being sent. Also, they have a very high open rate – 90% of sent push notifications are opened by the receivers, and are clicked 7 times more frequently than email messages.

Loyalty programs

Another way of gaining retaining customers is to launch loyalty programs powered with a promotional engine. UpMenu enables you to prepare customized campaigns with the use of promotional coupons. Your customers can collect digital stamps in the mobile app for every placed order, or you can distribute promotion codes with automated communication. You can fully customize every promotion, discount, and coupon in a convenient restaurant management panel.

According to LoopyLoyalty loyalty programs increase the revenue of restaurants by up to 10% on average and are immensely helpful in building a loyal customer base.

Customer feedback

How to get the most accurate information about what you are doing great in your restaurant and where you could introduce some improvements?

But, what is the most efficient way of gathering feedback? You can get through reviews on your Facebook page but they will not give you any information about the exact order that triggered the reaction. With the UpMenu you get access to the customer feedback system that will gather information for every order placed in the system.

You will get all the necessary data to improve the quality of service provided in your establishment.

Mobile app

As we established – online ordering is a must-have for modern pizza restaurants. As it becomes the standard in the pizza industry, you will have to go even further to attract customers.

With the mobile application personalized for your brand, you will be always close to your customers. Furthermore, they will have an option to order from your pizzeria in a matter of clicks.

There is no better possibility to get a new loyal customer than being the most convenient option for him to order from. Mobile apps might also house digital stamps for promotions, and the option to conveniently order last purchased meal.

Also, according to researchers, native mobile apps are the first choice to order from for over 50% of customers.


Why marketing strategies are important in pizza industry?

Marketing strategies are essential for bringing customers to your establishment and selling more products. Advertisement in the food industry becomes more aggressive because you have to stand out among others to get customers engaged.

To compete in this field you need to prepare a well-thought restaurant marketing strategy, that is taking into consideration all key aspects of proper communication with the consumer base.

How to increase the revenue of pizzeria with social media marketing?

The best way to utilize social media platforms is photos. Present your pizza and other food products in an attractive way, take beautiful shots, and publish them on your page. To attract even more customers, offer limited-time discounts, or prepare contests for the best fans.

Additionally, you can support local charities or events for a better internet presence. And don’t forget to engage in conversations with your customers or start new ones in topics related to your eatery.

Another crucial aspect of social media is showing your business from the inside. Present recipes, photos of your kitchen and staff, share a story from your day, your customers would love to get to know a more humane side of your brand.
And to make most out of the popular social media platform, start selling on Facebook thanks to UpMenu online food ordering system

How to do pizza marketing?

Make your own website for your pizza restaurant. Get your own site to maintain full control over your internet presence. With the UpMenu solution, you can create a restaurant website with ease thanks to a thorough site builder feature.

Choose among WordPress templates designed for pizza restaurants and create a personalized website that will support your marketing efforts. Interactive menus connected with online ordering system is a must-have nowadays. Fortunately, UpMenu lets you create a website with all those features integrated within it.

Promote your pizza restaurant with a social media page. Presence on most popular social sites like Facebook is a must-do nowadays. Facebook page can contain information about your business, work hours, and menus. It also facilities communication with your customers and fans. Astonish social media users with beautiful photos of your food and restaurant to grow traffic incoming to your page.

You can funnel this traffic to your website to get more customers and online orders for your food. It is one of the most important tools used to build a loyal customer base.


Keep in mind that every restaurant owner developing restaurant marketing strategies related to a pizza place should remember several important things; first of all, they should ensure consistency of their brand as well as being unique when compared to the competition. Pizza restaurant competition is fierce so good promotion online is a very important aspect.

If you would like to launch your own online ordering system for a pizza place, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you with organizing your online sales!

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Marta Szczakowska

She has been with UpMenu for 8 years and her current position is Customer & Partners Program Specialist. Marta’s tasks include building good relations with current clients and business partners and acquiring new contacts. A horse riding enthusiast, dog and horse lover, chocoholic, 10-year-old boy’s mother, mentally an Italian.

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