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POS for Pizza


If you run a pizza restaurant, you will probably need POS, or point of sale, software that lets your customers order online and makes the ordering process easier for them. POS software is essential for any pizza shop and delivery service, since so many people order pizza online today. The point of sale (POS) software can be installed on various devices, such as an ipad, where it will serve as a reliable system for online ordering and pizza delivery.

There are many options when it comes to POS software for pizza restaurants, suited for different types of pizza shops. Read the article to find the top 4 picks among POS systems and software for pizzerias. But different point of sale solutions may perform better or worse depending on the type of pizza business you run, so choose carefully.

What Type of Pizza Restaurant Do You Run?

Before choosing POS software for your pizza restaurant, it is worth identifying certain features of your restaurant, so that you can choose the system that’s right for you. For example, is your restaurant traditional, with in-house dining and lots of delivery orders, is it a slice shop, or is it a full-service restaurant with a bar? Do you manage your own delivery drivers, or do you use third-party drivers? What is your budget? And finally, what service volumes are you dealing with?

Giving honest answers to the questions above will help you to choose the POS software with the functionality and price to fit your restaurant’s needs. If you order features that you may not need, you may find your self paying a disproportionately high price for your POS system for pizza delivery.

Below, you will find a list of the top 4 POS (point of sale) software systems for pizza shops, pizza delivery services, pizzerias, and traditional Italian restaurant that also offer pizza. Each POS system will be described in terms of its suitability for a given type of pizza business as well as the hardware it runs on (e.g. iPad).

Top 4 POS Systems for Pizza Restaurants

The top 4 POS software packages for pizza shops are: Revel Systems, HungerRush, Toast, and Speedline. These systems are dedicated for pizza shops of different kinds, and depending on whether you run a pizzeria, pizza shop, or slice shop, you may choose a different POS system.

No matter which pizza POS system you choose, it must handle a wide range of customer modifications (like toppings, sauces), delivery expectations and order combinations. If you have promotions, it should be possible (and easy) to carry them over to the pizza POS software package of your choice. The top pizza point-of-sale systems feature delivery management with integrated GPS tracking and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features – tracking order history, handling detailed delivery instructions, and directly offering custom deals to specific customer groups.

The picks are described in further detail below, in no particular order.

Revel Systems

Revel Systems is a hybrid POS system for pizza restaurants for iPads. It runs on a local server and has a cloud backup, meaning that it also provides good offline functionality. Revel also features built-in pizza delivery driver management, so your can track your drivers wherever they are. In addition, Revel offers a lot of hardware tailor-made for pizza restaurants, like self-order qiosques and order notification systems (also known as kitchen display systems – KDS). Long story short, Revel is a perfect POS for high-volume pizzerias strongly oriented towards deliveries.

Revel can easily be integrated with third-party delivery aggregators and also provides centralized reporting and inventory, so if you run a chain of pizza shops, this POS system is top-notch.

Revel’s pricing starts at $99 per month for POS software on a single terminal. This places it in the mid-price range when it comes to the POS systems on this list. It runs on iPads, but it should be noted that the best functionality is only assured when iPads are bought directly from Revel and preconfigured with its POS software. Other hardware options are also available, as mentioned above. Hardware is priced according to a custom quotation from the Revel sales team.

Revel is a hybrid system, meaning that is has both offline and online functionality. This makes installation a little more technically complicated, and you may need to hire a technician to install and network your system. Fortunately, Revel provides this service, which is quoted based on your restaurant’s layout. The fee is typically within the $400-$700 range, but it all depends on your restaurant, and how complicated networking will be from a technical standpoint.

Revel Systems operate their own payment processor, Revel Advantage. The rates depend on the cards you accept and your sales volume. The best rates are typically only available if you enroll in Revel Advantage.


HungerRush is a cloud-based POS. It is the successor to the Revention legacy POS. Revention was designed specifically for pizza restaurants, and when it rebranded to HungerRush, its mission was to develop a lighter, cloud-based POS that would centralize ordering channels and make customer data analysis easier for small businesses.

Importantly, HungerRush supports pay-at-the-door payments, allowing your drivers to accept card and mobile wallet payments upon delivery. This makes it possible to pay more favorable rates – because rates go up when a card is not physically present in a transaction.

HungerRush also has a driver management feature integrated with Google Maps and provides mapping updates in real-time. Another Google integration is Google Analytics, so you know all the statistics when it comes to traffic on your ordering page.

Monthly fees for the HungerRush POS system start at $199 per month, and cover software and hardware for a single terminal. Installation fees depend on your restaurant’s configuration, and are quoted on an individual basis. HungerRush payments are hosted by Worldpay, which charges a flat interchange-plus transaction fee based on the cards you accept and your sales volume. However, you can use a different processor and integrate it with HungerRush.


This POS is tablet-based and is constantly developing new tools so that it can provide better support for all types of restaurants. Its development in 2020 was focused around online ordering and delivery functions, so it is perfect as POS software for pizzerias. It may not have the niche functions meant specifically for pizza restaurants that the two POS systems listed above do, but it is still a solid product.

Toast is, by far, one of the most convenient POS systems for pizzerias to use. Your ordering process can easily be set up in the Toast POS system, with options like crust type, extra toppings and other customizations, just like your customers are used to ordering when they visit you online.

Toast also offers all the POS functions a restaurant could need, with workforce management, integrated employee scheduling, comprehensive inventory, payroll processing and more. In addition, it also has a driver management feature, whereby you can set delivery areas and assign delivery fees.


Finally, there’s SpeedLine. Just because it’s last in this article doesn’t mean it’s any worse than the others. It is an all-inclusive POS tool that includes delivery management and online ordering features, including real-time driver mapping and targeting of promotions.

SpeedLine also offers pay-at-the-door functionality, so you can save on those transaction fees. A unique function of SpeedLine is how it generates heatmaps. Simply put, it overlays sales data onto a geographical map of your delivery area, so you know which items on your menu are popular and where. You can then leverage this information with targeted promotions, which are also featured by the SpeedLine POS system.

SpeedLine has a dedicated online ordering module, SpeedDine, which lets your customers order from any internet-connected device or through your restaurant’s own mobile app. Plus, SpeedDine isn’t your only option, you can integrate SpeedLine with any online ordering platform of your choice.

SpeedLine is priced on a one-time basis not on the basis of a monthly service contract. A single pizza restaurant may pay anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000 for installation of SpeedLine’s software and hardware. But once it’s done, it’s done forever, no more costs related to POS. SpeedLine also supports a broad group of payment processors like First Data, Heartland, Global Payments and Worldpay. Choose the one that brings your costs down, because you will want to offset that one-time installation fee.

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