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Friday afternoon, your restaurant is packed! People are enjoying their meals, while some other customers are still waiting at the bar for their table to be ready. They are getting a little bit impatient. Does anyone have the solution? A restaurant seating app would be quite helpful here, right? More and more restaurants are putting their trust into restaurant software and apps, that were designed to help business run smoothly. You may choose from many different options that are available for your purchase, or you can simply look for a restaurant seating app for free!

A Restaurant Table Seating App That Will Change Your Life!

What is the main purpose of a restaurant seating chart app? It will filter and organize all the reservations and help you manage your system. Waiting for the table might be quite annoying, especially when you made a reservation and you still have to wait another 20 minutes for your seat. A restaurant seating app will help you avoid all the unnecessary issues connected with those long wait times.

Choose the Right Restaurant Seating Chart App for Your Business

You can easily find a restaurant seating chart app for free, and in case of those apps that are available for purchase, you can check for the ones that offer a free trial or give you a free access to their basic features. We have gathered a list of few apps, which you might find helpful while managing your restaurant.

On Cue

This app allows the host to call or text the customers and let them know when the table is ready. More and more restaurants are choosing this sort of a solution, because it helps them manage the crowd and avoid unwanted disputes like “who gets the table first” or “we got here first, so the table should be ours”. Customers can take a stroll, walk to a store next door or a gallery, before they get the info about their table.

Waitlist Me

This restaurant seating app is extremely easy to navigate. You will be able to filter accordingly to party size and see all your reservations in sequential order. The app also gives you the opportunity to text or call your customers and let them know that the table is ready for them. This particular app lets you sing up for a free version, so you can check it out and see if it will meet your requirements.


This restaurant seating app is a real treat to all the loyal customers out there! There is a loyalty program that lets your clients collect points and then exchange them into a free drink or an appetizer while they wait for their table. What a nice way to attract customers and avoid any unpleasant comments, right?


This restaurant app does not need a further introduction. OpenTable has been around for quite some time now. The app allows your clients to make reservations from almost every platform out there. What is more, a customer will receive text messages with any updates and reminders regarding their reservations. This usually helps to minimize the “no show” situations, where people simply forget that they have booked the table a while ago.


NoWait seems to be quite developed. The app allows you to examine daily reports on your restaurant’s average wait time. Just like many other apps, NoWait also contacts your customers once their table is ready. Moreover, the app is totally free for those who do not wish to book a table, but would like to know the wait time.

Eat App

A definite table management app that will make you stay in control of your restaurant. You will be able to see the entire floor and know exactly what is going on around each table. It will help you reduce wait times and you can avoid those impatient customers, who usually gather around the front entrance and create the unnecessary commotion! Some people refer to Eat App as CRM but all in all – it will definitely help your business flourish.

There are many different restaurant seating apps that will definitely help you maximize your business’ profits by reducing wait times. Those tech tools were made to make your life easier. You can choose the app that suits your needs and be able to manage your restaurant from your mobile device. Remember that a good customer service is the key to every restaurant’s success. Make sure to optimize those apps and take advantage of their features.

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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