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Sushi Restaurant Business Plan Sample


A lot of people are getting into the sushi restaurant business because it has suddenly become a quite profitable establishment. Writing a business plan for a sushi restaurant might seem like a demanding task. Hundreds of business plan templates are available across the internet. You need to carry out your own personal research and find the right type of a business plan that will suit your needs. You may also write your own one. Feel free to revise the sample sushi restaurant business plan template below. In our sushi restaurant business plan sample, we used a made-up name – Sushi Place – as a name of our potential restaurant. Any coincidence of names is totally random. Some people write a really long business plans, but the one below is dedicated for you to read and get a general idea of what a sushi business plan should look like.

Japanese Restaurant Business Plan Sample – Let’s Get Started!

Business Overview: The Sushi Restaurant industry is definitely a fast-developing sector of the economy, which generates over one billion dollars each year. This particular industry requires a relatively low startup capital, and almost no specific licensing requirements. Only the standard ones, like business registration license etc. There are also those sushi restaurants, that carry a vide selection of alcoholic beverages – in that case, a Liquor license will be needed. Most sushi businesses are rather medium or some small establishments, that cater mostly their local community. The sushi industry has been on the rise for quite some time, and it still seems to be profitable.A person can start small and then, gradually turn the sushi business into something much bigger.

Executive Summary:

(Note to the reader: an executive summary might play a significant role in any Japanese restaurant business plan) Sushi Placeis a standard restaurant business that will be located near the commonly known Bryant Park area in New York City. We managed to lease a small, but renovated facility, that is located in a corner piece. The restaurant will be located near the subway station.

Sushi Place will offer a full-service dining, beverages sales, as well as take-out sushi sales. We are aware that there are multiple sushi bars and restaurants across Midtown Manhattan, that is why we will do our best to offer our customers much more than the competitors.

We would also like to carry an online store system, so that our clients can easily place an order online and have it delivered to their homes ,or they may do the pickup themselves. The delivery methods will be highly efficient.

Our goal is to become one of the leading restaurants in the entire New York Sushi industry. We would like to see ourselves as one of the best NY sushi restaurants within the first 5 years after we open our establishment. Our enthusiasm and positive thinking let us believe in our success, that is why, we also hope to launch the opening of our chain sushi restaurants in the next 10 years. 

Sushi Place wishes to offer a wide range of sushi and other foods available in our restaurant at all times, so it will be hard for our future customers to step by and not place an order.

An impeccable customer service, excellent food quality, a possibility to order online and convenient payment options- those are our main aims in order to run a prosperous sushi business. We will create a friendly work environment for our employees, because we believe that every employee deserves a welfare package. Just like a satisfied customer- a satisfied employee will definitely contribute to the business.

Business Structure:

We want to hire people that are highly qualified, honest, reliable and eager to work. We wish to build a business that will benefit all our stakeholders. Moreover, we want to create a safe and pleasant work environment. We are planning to hire a highly experienced sushi maker and a restaurant manager, who will help us with the business. We will also need to hire a sales manager, an accountant, cashier, waiters/waitresses, delivery people and cleaners. We believe that once we manage to find our amazing team of employees, we will be able to run a prosperous sushi restaurant.

Products and Services:

We wish to assure you, that Sushi Place will offer the best sushi dishes made from the highest quality products. Our aim is to serve fresh and delicious food to our customers. Our menu will consist of sushi dishes, desserts, hot and cold beverages and soft drinks. We plan to hire an experienced sushi chef, which will definitely be a strong advantage of our restaurant business. We are aware of the fact that sushi industry has become a highly competitive field over the past few years, that is why we want our business to stand out from the rest. We strongly believe, that Sushi Place and its finest sushi dishes will attract customers and make them want to come back for more.

Market Analysis and our Target:

We have conducted our market research and we are well aware of who will be our target customer base. We have chosen a location, that will offer sushi meals to not only residents, but also tourists. Bryant Park is an extremely touristy area, but there are also office buildings, which are scattered all over the neighborhood. This means we also wish to offer lunch specials to office workers. There is very little to none residents there, so we want to base our clientele of previously mentioned tourists and people, who work in the area.

Marketing Strategy:

We are aware how important a good marketing strategy is, that is why we are planning to throw a grand opening party. We wish to advertise our business on social media platforms – which will be mainly targeted towards people who work in the area. Since Sushi Place is about to be located in a neighborhood which is visited mainly by tourists, we are planning to hire a person, who will be handling out our leaflets. Sushi Place has to appear on Yelp and Google, because those platforms will definitely help our business become more visible.

Pricing Strategy:

Pricing is definitely a key factor when it comes to any restaurant business. Customers will always look not only for good food, but also for reasonable prices. Our goal is to offer our clients competitive prices. We are planning to introduce a “Lunch Special” option, which will definitely attract a great deal of people. From time to time, we will treat our loyal customers with additional discounts.


(Note to the reader:  remember that the start-up expenses of your sushi restaurant depend on your goals. How much you spend on equipment, facility and renovation is up to you. In this segment, you may write a detailed description and cost analysis for the key areas of your start -up business – like the total cost of fees, marketing expenses, construction costs, equipment, delivery vans etc.). We have estimated the total start-up cost of our sushi restaurant to be $500.000. Thanks to personal savings and loans from our family members, we have managed to collect almost 50% of the funds that are needed in order to start the business. We are planning to apply for a bank loan, which should help us collect the rest of the start-up funds.


The real success of a restaurant depends on its loyal customers and devoted employees. Our main goal is to create a prosperous establishment, that will not only provide impeccable food and customer service, but will become a friendly environment for our employees. A business, that will survive on its own, without asking for any external financial help.

Note to the reader – you may also add additional segments, in which you may elaborate on job descriptions of your employees, expansion strategies or sales forecasts.Just like we have mentioned before – a restaurant or sushi bar business plan may differ. There are many various templates and examples online. You may omit some segments, but there are those paragraphs that simply need to appear in your sushi restaurant business plan. It is up to you, whether you wish to download an easily customizable templet or write a plan yourself. Remember, that even with a template file – a sushi bar business plan will still need your own contribution.

As you can see, there are many ways and options which can help you out with creating a sushi business plan. You can easily find an inspiration online and use it for your own needs and purposes. Running a restaurant can be extremely profitable, so you just have to make sure to start your sushi business adventure with a proper business plan and a positive attitude. Your success is on its way!

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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