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7 ways restaurants can reduce losses during COVID-19 pandemic


We have gathered the most important information on what to do to reduce losses and risks in restaurants due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Learn what to do now and how to prepare for the future.

Close the premises, but do not stop food production.

The pandemic of COVID-19 greatly reduced the number of customers willing to dine-in and diminished the number of on-site sales in restaurants (quite contrary to the rising number of deliveries and takeout ordered online).

This trend was visible for years and the pandemic outbreak made this tendency even direr.
What is the good news? You can let your customers order your food online for delivery and takeout.

Below we explain exactly how to do it safely for restaurants and customers.

Start selling online from your own website

With the help of UpMenu, you can start selling food online in 5 minutes.
Create an account at You have a 7-day free test period.

Here is a step-by-step instruction showing how to start selling online.

Mockup of website nad mobile application featuring online ordering necessary during Pandemic
Website and mobile app with online ordering feature created with the UpMenu

Why you should sell from your own website?

Starting sales on the portal can take up to several weeks and time is essential right now. Also, ordering portals charge a high commission, that you are probably not ready to pay at the moment.

With UpMenu you can have your own system with a low cost, stable, and predictable subscription form.

Moreover, websites for restaurants created with the UpMenu are all fitted with a free SSL certificate and have responsive Webdesign. UpMenu also houses SEO enhancing features that will elevate your site to the top of search engine results

Start making deliveries and/or take-out if you don’t already

Don’t send employees home yet.
You can involve the premise’s service team to quickly organize take-outs and deliveries. Adapt to new circumstances and react accordingly. The number of online orders will be growing faster than ever right now.

In the UpMenu system you can easily set up online ordering for both:
pick-ups and deliveries. Furthermore, you get access to intuitive order handling web or mobile application that makes accepting orders as easy as it could be.

Accepting order in UpMenu

Start making no-contact deliveries and pickups

Give your client a no-contact delivery option. Most big competitors in the food industry have already done it.
When delivering the order, the courier should leave food at the door, then send an SMS with delivery information to the customer.

No-contact delivery custom order type in UpMenu system
Delivery screen with custom order types

UpMenu features option to create a custom order type
As for taking out and pick-ups, arrange a place in front of the premises, e.g. a table or counter, where you will place orders for customers.
Additional countermeasures will reduce the risk, reassure customers, and encourage ordering.

Inform customers about delivery without personal contact

Communicate introduced security changes and protocols to your clients in every possible way:

  • Write on the home page and in the menu
Restaurant website created with UpMenu builder with news section where you can inform customers about safety and health protection.
  • Write on your Facebook fanpage
  • Send information by SMS , email, or push notifications
Automatic email communication that can be utilized to inform customers about safety measures

Sample message:

“Order secure delivery – without contacting the courier. Order food, choose online payment, and our courier will leave a meal at the doorstep of your door and call or send you an SMS with delivery information”

Here you will find instructions on how to send an email, SMS campaign, and PUSH notifications from the UpMenu system.

Run online payments

Online payments will allow you to make deliveries without personal contact. Studies show that on paper, or banknotes, the virus can persist for up to 24 hours.

Signing a contract with a payment provider is a time-consuming process.
With UpMenu you gain access to online payments thanks to integrations with the most popular payment services:

Screen of Stripe payment method implemented in UpMenu online ordering system

Here you will find instructions on how to enable online payments.

Get delivery orders from the nearby customers

UpMenu online food ordering system enables you to determine the exact area of delivery for your restaurant with the “draw on the map” method. Thanks to it, even if you don’t want to get engaged with delivery services, you can realize orders for customers located close to your premises.

Precisely set up delivery zone that could be reached on the feet, and let customers from adjacent locations order delivery online.

Delivery Zone set up screen in UpMenu system

Add new website section regarding safety countermeasures

Utilize easy to use UpMenu website-builder feature to quickly create and share subpage on your site that will inform customers about safety countermeasures introduced in your establishment.

Additional security measures

Examples of countermeasures:

  • Daily check whether couriers show signs of illness with temperature measurement
  • Daily disinfection of all equipment used by couriers
  • The requirement for regular washing / disinfecting hands by couriers

How to reduce the spread of germs in your restaurant

  • Regularly Wash your Hands

    Hand washing is the first step to proper hygiene in the workplace, but during a viral outbreak, it becomes essential. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and be sure to thoroughly scrub between fingers, under fingernails and past your wrists. Make sure all your employees follow these instructions.

  • Minimize Close Contact

    Completely avoid human contact when possible, organize no-contact deliveries and pick-ups and implement no-cash policy. If possible, insulate yourself behind protective glass during contact with a customer or avoid it. If you have a large restaurant business with lots of staff, consider implementing touchless entry with access control readers into staff rooms, large kitchens, or office rooms.

  • Disinfect regularly

    Take extra care when going through your disinfecting routine, and apply more attention to common surfaces like doorknobs, handles, light switches, menus and POS station and other frequently handled items.

Government recommendations for restaurants

Bonus – Learn how to utilize the full potential of restaurant ordering system

In this article, you will find best practices on how to maximize your benefits from the online ordering system.

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