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Mother’s Day Restaurant Promos

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska - marketing and communication enthusiast, psychologist by education. For almost 20 years he has been working in areas related to marketing activities, customer path and decision making. Experience has taught her that the most important thing is efficiency. She boldly sets goals and implements them by choosing online and offline tools. Her passion is the analysis of customer behavior and content marketing.

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Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year. If you own a restaurant, a café or any other type of an establishment, then you should definitely consider introducing Mother’s Day promotions to your restaurant. Some people might not go to restaurants too often, but when it’s Mother’s Day – everyone seems to be taking their moms out for lunches, brunches and dinners. And this is why you need to look for some Mother’s Day marketing ideas for restaurants, that will boost your income. There are many ways to attract customers, so make sure you introduce some of the ideas to your restaurant and take advantage of the fact that people will want to go to a restaurant on that particular day. 

Find the Best Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Restaurant

When you look up Mother’s Day dining statistics, you will see that almost 35% people are planning on taking their mom’s out for a lunch or dinner. You need to let your customers know about any Mother’s Day promotions that will be happening at your restaurant. A good deal or a discount will always allure new customers. Your loyal clients should be notified about the upcoming promotions as well. The day before Mother’s Day is when an average restaurant’s revenue goes 45% higher from a regular day. And when it is an actual Mother’s Day, that number can increase up to 70%. Mother’s Day is one of the top holidays for dining out. 

Some Mother’s Day marketing ideas for restaurant are all about offering special prix fixe menus or lavish buffets. And if you decide to go with a prix fixe menu, make sure to come up with some nice and elegant dishes. You may offer a creamy steak fettucine, lemon ricotta pasta, roasted salmon or spring vegetable and goat cheese tart. As for the dessert – chocolate lava cake or raspberry cheesecake sounds delicious, right? Talk to the chef and ask for his opinions and ideas. Perhaps he can come up with a special menu for that special day. Then you can create a 3-course Mother’s Day prix fixe menu using special websites that offer a lot of templets and designs. 

Make Those Mother’s Day Promotions Visible

Making an elegant menu for Mother’s Day might definitely attract customers, but nothing works better than discounts, promotions and freebies. If you decide to stick to your regular menu, make sure to come up with some interesting discounts and offers. Mother’s Day restaurant promos will always grant you a success! Let us talk about promotions and deals – you can offer specific discounts, a free dessert for each mom or even a complimentary cocktail. 

It is extremely important to advertise those promotions. If you look at some Mother’s Day restaurant marketing ideas, you will see that in most cases food eateries are encouraged to release radio ads and use social media channels to advertise their Mother’s Day specials. You need to remember that in order to get those clients to come in, you need to let them know about any upcoming deals and offers. Of course, everybody knows that Mother’s Day is in May, but how can one know if your restaurant will be having any specials on that particular day?

Advertise and make the whole city know that you are about to drop some amazing Mother’s Day specials. 

Mother’s Day Restaurant Promos for Food Delivery

Numbers show that almost 9% people want to visit their moms and order some takeout food. This is why you should also remember to offer your customers some food delivery specials.  So, if you need more Mother’s Day promotion ideas for your restaurant, we recommend introducing food delivery discounts. Or you may always add a complimentary dessert for every mom. You can also offer lunch specials. 

And remember to advertise all Mother’s Day food delivery discounts. Some people want to cook for their moms, but who knows – your Mother’s Day discount on food delivery might make then want to leave the kitchen and order in! 

Host a Very Special Event

There are many different Mother’s Day ideas for restaurants. One of them is to host an event. You can try to invite a local celebrity or a book author to come in and talk a bit about their professions and such. You can also ask a professional gardener to come in and talk about herbs, plants and flowers. Every mom with a green thumb might like to attend such meeting. What is more, you can even come up with cooking classes. And if your restaurant has a backyard – host an outdoor yoga session. 

Events work like magnet. If you advertise that your restaurant is hosting a Mother’s Day event with cupcakes and free coffee – you will definitely see a lot of people coming in. You can also print raffle tickets and organize a raffle. Perhaps you will be able to collaborate with some local companies and even find someone to sponsor the raffle prizes. Or you can organize a raffle fundraiser. 

Do not Forget about Social Media

Mother’s Day restaurant marketing ideas will not let you omit social media. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are very popular. Every food establishment needs to be visible on social media. You can do paid ads, but you should also make sure that all of your social media channels are updated. The key is to post regularly. Encourage your customers to tag your restaurant in their posts. Your online presence is very important. Use your social media accounts and your restaurant’s online page to advertise Mother’s Day deals and specials. If you are about to host an event – put that on IG and FB! Let the people know about everything that is going on at your restaurant.  

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Fast-Food Restaurants 

It seems like fast-food restaurant do not get much attention when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day. But it does not mean that fast-food chains are not participating in that holiday!  

There are some marketing ideas that can help you boost your revenue on Mother’s Day. Discounts work like magic. It is a general knowledge that people like to pay less for certain things. If they go to a restaurant that not only serves good food, but also offers amazing Mother’s Day discounts – they might recommend the eatery to their friends and come back in the future, knowing that that particular restaurant has special offers on different holidays. 

Make Sure to Send Out a Newsletter about Mother’s Day Promotions

The list of Mother’s Day marketing ideas is quite long. Discounts, sales, complimentary desserts and drinks, events and raffles might definitely increase the sales. But you need to advertise. Paid ads, radio ads, leaflets or you can even try your local newspaper. But you should also remember about the newsletters. Most food businesses use special restaurant software that gathers information like email address or a telephone number. You can send email newsletters to those customers who agreed to receive emails and let them know about Mother’s Day specials at your restaurant. 

Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas That Will Bring Some New Customers In! 

There are some other Mother’s Day restaurant marketing ideas which you may find interesting. Just like we have mentioned before – people like freebies. You can give each mom a rose. Or a free mug that says “Best Mom” on it. Customized items like key chains or travel mugs will not cost you a lot, but it will be a nice gesture. You can appreciate your customers by giving them those few simple items. Let your loyal clients feel special! And if you happen to welcome some new customers that day – make sure to give them a freebie as well. Who knows, perhaps they will return to your eatery or even refer your place to their friends. A satisfied customer can also write you a good review! 

There are many different Mother’s Day restaurant marketing ideas. You can easily boost your revenue and gain new customers. You may offer your customers a free dessert, a discount or give them a small gift – whatever you choose – treat that as an investment. Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurants. And we all know how big the competition is. So, you need to come up with some awesome Mother’s Day deals and advertise, so people will definitely coose to visit your restaurant.

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska - marketing and communication enthusiast, psychologist by education. For almost 20 years he has been working in areas related to marketing activities, customer path and decision making. Experience has taught her that the most important thing is efficiency. She boldly sets goals and implements them by choosing online and offline tools. Her passion is the analysis of customer behavior and content marketing.

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