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Nice and easy restaurant logo ideas


“Do I really need a logo?” a lot of business owners find themselves wondering when they are all but ready to open and find themselves faced with yet another expense. Luckily, two things can be true at once – yes, every business needs a logo, as logos are integral to any brand’s strategy, from creating the right first impression to fostering long-term brand loyalty. Logos grab attention, they set you apart from the competition. Logos make it easy to recognize you and work to help promote your business if you decide to sponsor an event. Silly as it may sound, people trust logos, and often make split-second decisions simply based on the presence of a logo they know.

But luckily, two things can be true at one. Logos don’t have to cost you a fortune, and not every logo needs to be commissioned from a graphic designer, either. You also don’t have to create it in MS Paint (In fact, you should never do that!), because there is an app for everything, including creating fun restaurant logos that send the right message and showcase an establishment’s atmosphere, priorities, and its very soul.

There are plenty of memorable logo ideas out there, and more than enough apps dedicated to restaurant logo design ideas specifically. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll take a look at what’s out there together.

Free logo makers for restaurants

There is free, and then there is almost free, so we’ll start this list by showing you the 100% free options you have when creating your restaurant, cafe, diner, or bar and grill logo design.

LogoMakr: a flexible online restaurant logo creator

LogoMakr is famously easy to use despite the wide array of fonts and features that it offers its users. Get on the website, watch the instructional video, and you can get started right away. Choose the right icon from their library,  and then customize it to your heart’s content with the colors and text and shape elements you need to make it your own. Once your logo is ready, you can download it for free as a PNG file, or pay $19 for a vector SVG format. If you decide to use the free version, all LogoMakr asks you to do is credit the website wherever you use the logo you created. You can also trademark or copyright the logo you create on LogoMakr by using their Redesign Service or contacting their team to create a professional custom logo.

Canva Logo Maker: a free and simple restaurant logo creator

Canva is the creator of many different online design tools – restaurateurs may be familiar with their menu card creation app, for example. As with their other products, Canva offers both a free and a premium version of its logo maker, with the premium one offering a larger selection of graphic elements. That is not to say the free version is limited, though! Canva’s library of designer-approved logo templates is truly massive, and users can choose from millions of icons – and everything created can be customized and tweaked, to boot. What’s more, logos created with Canva can be printed or shared to social media directly from the Canva website.

Almost free logo makers for restaurants 😉

If you’re okay with the idea of spending a few buck on your logo, keep reading to find out which restaurant logo creators are worth checking out.

Tailorbrands: create a restaurant logo for free, pay only if you like it

Tailor Brands lets the owners of restaurants, spas, real estate agencies and more explore numerous advanced options for free, and tinker around with the suggestions served up by their AI as long needed to find something that is just right. Tailor Brands offers extensive customization options and file formats, and the vector SVG or EPS file formats you download your logo in can later be used on your website, menu,  or any other materials you create. Tailor Brands also produces everything anyone could need to drive their brand images home, from business cards to letterhead. create a restaurant logo with AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, and it’s no surprise – it can get relatively simple jobs done a lot faster than humans can. Consider using free AI restaurant tools, like Microsoft Copilot to create your very own restaurant logo. All you have to do is sign up using your email, and tell your new AI assistant what kind of logo you’d like to get. It’s really that simple.

There are plenty of online logo makers for restaurants…and virtually any other kind of business out there. One of them is sure to be perfect for your restaurant, so don’t be shy about giving a few of them a try before you find the logo that reflects your restaurant’s true identity.

Monika Kamińska

Monika Kamińska

Marketing and communication enthusiast with 20+ years of experience, a psychologist by education.

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