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10 Best Restaurant Halloween Promotion Ideas


Get ready for a wickedly fun Halloween at your restaurant with our top 10 restaurant Halloween promotion ideas! We’ve handpicked these spooky and exciting ideas to enchant your customers and make this Halloween one to remember. From eerie decorations to ghostly menus, these ideas will give your restaurant a hauntingly good time. Embrace the Halloween spirit and let the magic begin.

Halloween is a well-loved holiday celebrated on October 31st. It originated from ancient Celtic traditions, such as Samhain, where people believed the line between the living and the dead was thin. Nowadays, Halloween is known for costumes, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and spooky fun. It is a great occasion to create a unique atmosphere and memories of your customers visiting your restaurant that day. Below are the 10 best restaurant Halloween ideas to make the most of this holiday.

restaurant halloween ideas - restaurant halloween decorations

Fun Halloween Menu Ideas for Restaurants

Halloween is a great time to prepare dishes and beverages for your guests. From scary drinks with floating eyes to adding blood to selected menu items or the emerging thread of cobwebs and witches. Below you will find some examples of restaurant Halloween ideas for inspiration.

1. Spooktacular Halloween Restaurant Specials

Cooking Halloween dishes can be great fun. Let’s begin with starters. 

How about preparing the witch’s fingers? A witch finger cookie is a shortbread cookie shaped like a severed finger, with an almond nail and a hint of blood-red jam for a creepy look.

restaurant halloween ideas - with fingers

You can prepare mini spider pizzas. Making the spiders is simple. Cut large black olives in half lengthwise for the body. Cut another olive in half (not lengthwise) for the head. Thinly slice olives and halve them for the legs. Place the olive spiders on top of the mini pizzas after baking to avoid spreading and flattening during baking.

restaurant halloween ideas - mini spider pizzas

Don’t forget about mummy jalapeño poppers. You just need to crescent roll dough wraps around jalapeño peppers, creating mummy-like appearances enhanced with edible eyes for a spooky touch. 

restaurant halloween ideas - mummy jalapeno poppers

Give an old dish a new twist by adding spooky decorations. Use Halloween-themed colors like orange and black, and add a spider web topping and white or grey net to your soups. 

Change the names of the dishes on your Halloween restaurant menu to make them sound more scary. For example, Halloween food name ideas could be naming your tomato soup “Ghoulish Tomato Brew”, instead of the casual name of pizza, call it “Haunted Pizza.”  

restaurant halloween ideas - tomato soup

If you serve pasta in your restaurant, prepare “Creepy Eyeball Spaghetti.” This spine-chilling spaghetti is a classic recipe featuring meat sauce and mozzarella eyeballs, perfect for a fun Halloween dinner idea for Halloween events. 

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween spaghetti

Don’t forget about the desserts in your restaurant’s Halloween menu. You can serve pumpkin pies or red velvet cake.

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween pumpkin pie

Spooky cupcakes and donut bats will also make Halloween vibes. Halloween-themed food is a delightful way to celebrate the spooky season.

restaurant halloween ideas - donut bats

To attract customers of all ages, introduce Halloween restaurant specials and food promotions, such as a 15% discount for those wearing Halloween costumes. For example, one of the restaurant Halloween costume ideas could be wearing a witch hat, and the reward could be getting a free meal or drink. 

2. Witchin’ Good Halloween Drinks to Get You Cacklin’

While thinking about Halloween restaurant ideas, we can’t forget Halloween cocktails. Create your special Halloween cocktail list for this particular season. Consider offering a green “Witches’ Brew” cocktail adorned with a hat or a spider decoration for a captivating garnish. 

restaurant halloween ideas - green witches brew

Give your guests red and orange drinks with scary decorations and pumpkin beer. 

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween drinks

You can also prepare vampire blood and give it, for example, in syringes. 

restaurant halloween ideas - vampire blood

3. Frighteningly Fast Halloween Delivery Treats

For those staying home that night, you can create special Halloween promotions. Let’s add some Halloween magic to the takeaway bags! 

Add a spider cupcake or a witch’s finger to each order. Another idea for Halloween night orders could be including a restaurant gift card in each pack to ensure everyone enjoys the Halloween restaurant promotions and has a spooktacular time. 

restaurant halloween ideas - gift card

If you don’t offer online orders, maybe it’s time to consider implementing such a feature in your restaurant. You could launch an online ordering system if you already have your restaurant website. If you don’t, you could use an intuitive restaurant website builder to build your restaurant website with online ordering. 

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Spooky Restaurant Decor

With the menu all set, it’s time to transform your restaurant into the spookiest spot for the most haunting night of the year! Below you can check examples of Halloween decoration ideas. 

4. Adorn your main entrance with spooky decor 

To set the Halloween mood right, decorate your main door with pumpkins or witches. Add funny inscriptions like “Enter at your own risk” or “Trick or treat.”

restaurant halloween ideas - entrance decoration

5. Dress up your windows 

For fantastic Halloween restaurant ideas, dress up your windows with captivating Halloween symbols and decorations. This eye-catching display will entice passersby and announce your restaurant’s thrilling Halloween theme, inviting them to join the spooky festivities.

6. Weave spider webs around your restaurant 

Enhance your Halloween-themed decor by weaving spooky spider webs around your restaurant, adding a creepy and eerie touch to the ambiance. Complement the webs with orange and black balloons, creating a perfect blend of Halloween colors to captivate your guests. This hauntingly delightful decor will set the stage for a memorable and spooktacular dining experience.

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween decorations

You can also sprinkle little Halloween accents throughout the place for an immersive experience and Halloween decor. Embrace the mysterious ambiance of Halloween by dimming the lights.

7. Craft unique pumpkin candle holders 

Another Halloween decor idea is to create unique candle holders for an enchanting and eerie ambiance. These holders instantly transform your space, whether carved pumpkins with flickering candles, vintage lanterns, or gothic-inspired candelabras. The flickering candlelight adds spookiness and makes the atmosphere magical for your guests during Halloween.

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween decorations

Creative Halloween Promotions and Contests

8. Organize a Halloween Costume Contest

One of the best ideas restaurant owners could consider is organizing a Halloween costume contest during the restaurant party. The person with the best costume wins a Halloween contest, and the prize in the competition could be a dinner for two. 

restaurant halloween ideas - halloween costumes

Let your staff show off their Halloween spirit by dressing up in costumes! One of the costume ideas for restaurant workers could be dressing as vampires or zombies. They can also wear black with a scary mask or have witches’ hats. It’s a fun way to add a spooky touch to your restaurant’s atmosphere!

9. Organize Halloween Trivia Night

Trivia nights are engaging social gatherings where participants, often in teams, come together to answer a series of questions on various topics. These questions can cover general knowledge, history, pop culture, sports, movies, and more. Teams compete to earn points by providing correct answers, adding a competitive and entertaining element to the event.

Halloween is a great holiday season for your restaurant to host thrilling events and Halloween contests that create a memorable and fun-filled experience for all! Celebrate Halloween by organizing a trivia night. 

10. Organize a party for your loyalty program participants

Extend your appreciation to your loyalty program members by hosting an exclusive Halloween party just for them before October 31st. Utilize email marketing to inform them about this privileged event and prepare delightful treat bags for them to take home as a token of gratitude at the end of the evening. This gesture will surely add a magical touch and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional experiences for your valued customers.

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How to promote a Halloween event at your restaurant

Share promo codes for discounts

One of the marketing ideas you could use to promote Halloween night in your restaurant could be sharing promo codes. For example, every customer who orders online one month before the Halloween party could receive a promo code to be exchanged for menu items or Halloween mixed drinks during the event. 

Create a Facebook event and online invites

Simplify the process of promoting your event on social media and gauge attendee interest by creating a Facebook event. This way, more people can quickly discover your Halloween celebration, and you can get an estimate of the number of potential attendees.

Inform your attendees about the details of your Halloween event: Halloween menu full of delicious food, pumpkin contest, free treats, free drinks, costume party, etc.

Announce Halloween specials on your website

Make sure to update your restaurant website with the information about the Halloween restaurant promotions you plan to organize. Mention the menu ideas, including information about the seasonal dishes and unique drinks you will offer that day.

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Give perks for social media shares

Boost the visibility of your Halloween event by encouraging guests to share the event/post on their social media and reward them with a freebie. For example, every customer who shares information on social media could receive a free drink and get to know your secret Halloween drink recipes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the Halloween spirit by offering themed promotions, specials, and discounts to entice customers and boost sales.
  • Transform your restaurant with spooky and festive decorations to create a captivating and immersive Halloween ambiance.
  • Use social media platforms to announce your Halloween ideas, promotions, and events, engaging with customers and attracting new ones.
  • Organize costume contests, pumpkin carving competitions, or other fun activities to create excitement and encourage customer participation.
  • Introduce Halloween-inspired dishes and cocktails to add a festive touch and enhance the dining experience.
  • Consider hosting family-friendly Halloween events, making your restaurant a go-to destination for customers of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throwing a Halloween party at a bar can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Here are some Halloween bar ideas to make it great:

  • Halloween Bar Decoration Ideas: Transform the bar into a haunted haven with eerie decorations like cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and spooky lighting. Create a chilling ambiance that sets the mood for a thrilling night.
  • Costumes Galore: Encourage guests and staff to wear Halloween costumes. Host a costume contest with exciting prizes for the best and most creative outfits.
  • Themed Drinks: Create special Halloween-themed drinks with spooky names and eerie ingredients. 
  • Haunting Music: Create a lively and entertaining atmosphere throughout the night by curating a playlist of spooky songs and Halloween classics.
  • Scary Games and Contests: Plan enjoyable Halloween games and contests like bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, or ghost story-telling. Engage your guests with interactive activities that add to the festive spirit and create a fun-filled Halloween celebration.
  • Trick-or-Treat Treats: Delight your guests with Halloween-themed snacks and treats, such as mini pumpkin pies, spooky cupcakes, and candy bowls around the bar. These delicious surprises will add a touch of Halloween magic to their experience and make your bar’s celebration extra special.
  • Promote the Party: Spread the word about the Halloween party through social media, posters, and flyers to draw a large crowd. Encourage more guests to join the celebration by offering drink specials or discounts to those who come dressed in costumes. It’s a fantastic way to create buzz and ensure a spooktacular turnout for your event.

With these tips, your bar can become the ultimate Halloween destination, making it a memorable night for all who attend.

Below you can check some fun Halloween ideas to spice up your restaurant promotions:

  • Shooting Pumpkin Contest: Organize a thrilling shooting pumpkin contest where customers can showcase their aiming skills by shooting at carved pumpkins. Offer prizes for the best shots, creating a fun and competitive activity.
  • Pumpkin Pie Delight: Introduce a special dessert on your menu to celebrate the season.
  • Trick or Treat Event: Host a trick-or-treat event at your restaurant, where families can bring their little ones to enjoy safe and spooky fun. Offer treats and surprises to make it a happy Halloween experience for all.

Incorporating these fun Halloween ideas into your restaurant promotions can create a great atmosphere that attracts new customers and keeps your loyal patrons returning for more!

When planning a Halloween party at your restaurant, aim to create a fascinating and immersive Halloween event that celebrates the season’s spirit. Start by organizing thrilling Halloween contests, such as costume competitions, where guests can showcase their most creative and spooktacular outfits. 

Host pumpkin contests, providing guests pumpkins and carving tools to create eerie and artistic designs. It will add to the Halloween ambiance and engage participants in a fun and interactive activity.

To keep the excitement going, include spooky trivia nights, where teams can test their knowledge of Halloween lore, horror movies, and all things eerie. Reward the winning teams with treats or discounts to encourage participation and competition.

By hosting a Halloween party, your restaurant can attract both loyal customers and new guests, creating a buzz-worthy restaurant event that leaves everyone with hauntingly good memories.

Decorating your restaurant for Halloween can add a festive and spooky vibe, attracting more customers and enhancing the overall dining experience. Here are some ideas for Halloween restaurant promotions and decor:

  • Halloween-Themed Table Settings: Create a fun and festive atmosphere for diners by setting your tables with black and orange tablecloths, spooky-themed placemats, and ghostly napkin holders. This simple Halloween decor will add a touch of spookiness and delight to the dining experience.
  • Spooky Centerpieces: Enhance the creepy vibe by adding Halloween-themed centerpieces to each table, like carved pumpkins with flickering candles, miniature haunted houses, or eerie floral arrangements. These spooky decorations will captivate your guests and add to the overall Halloween ambiance in your restaurant.
  • Haunting Wall Decorations: Elevate the Halloween ambiance in your restaurant by hanging Halloween-themed wall art, creepy masks, or spooky banners. These decorations will create a hauntingly delightful atmosphere for your guests to enjoy during their dining experience.
  • Cobwebs and Bats: Add cobwebs and plastic bats to corners and ceilings to create a spooky and eerie ambiance.
  • Halloween Window Displays: Capture the attention of passersby and showcase your restaurant’s Halloween concept with eye-catching Halloween window displays. These displays attract potential customers, drawing them into your restaurant to experience the spooktacular atmosphere and Halloween delights.
  • Ghostly Lighting: Set the perfect haunting atmosphere by adjusting the lighting with dimmed lights, flickering candles, or string lights shaped like bats or ghosts. This ghostly lighting will add an eerie and enchanting touch to your restaurant, setting the stage for a spooktacular Halloween experience for your guests.
  • Halloween Photo Booth: Create a Halloween-themed photo booth with props like witch hats, vampire capes, and pumpkin masks. Let your customers take fun pictures and share them on social media, spreading the word about your restaurant and adding to the Halloween excitement. It’s a delightful way to promote your restaurant and engage with your customers during the spooky season.
  • Costume Contests: Get into the Halloween spirit by encouraging your staff and customers to dress up and host a thrilling costume contest. Remember to reward the best and most creative costumes with exciting prizes, adding to the festive fun and creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.
  • Halloween Specials: Craft a special menu filled with spooktacular names for dishes and drinks, like “Witch’s Brew” for a special cocktail or “Frankenstein’s Delight” for a dessert. These fun and festive names will add a delightful twist to your menu, enticing customers to try out these hauntingly delicious offerings during the Halloween season.
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest: Engage your staff and customers in the creepy vibe by hosting a pumpkin carving contest. Let them showcase their creativity and talent and display the wonderfully carved pumpkins throughout the restaurant. It’s a fantastic way to add a touch of Halloween charm and create a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

By incorporating these restaurant Halloween ideas into your restaurant concept, you can create a memorable and exciting experience for your customers, enticing them to visit and enjoy the festive Halloween spirit.

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