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100+ Funny Bar Slogans & Sayings (How to Choose One)


Whether you already run a bar or think of opening a bar, finding the right funny bar sayings and catchy slogans is key. Whether you’re managing a cocktail, sports, or mobile bar, these humorous bar taglines can set the tone for your establishment. 

In this post, we’ll explore how to select the perfect funny bar slogans that align with your bar’s vibe and clientele. Let’s dive into crafting cocktail bar slogans and sports bar sayings that leave a lasting impression!

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What is a bar slogan?

A bar slogan is a short and catchy phrase or motto to promote a bar or convey its unique identity, atmosphere, or offerings. These slogans are typically displayed on signs, advertisements, menus, or promotional materials to attract customers and create a memorable brand image. 

Bar slogans vary widely in tone and message, depending on the bar’s target audience and theme. Some may emphasize the quality of drinks, the ambiance, the entertainment, or the overall experience.

funny bar sayings - bar

Why do bar slogans matter?

Crafting an effective slogan is vital when promoting your bar. Whether you’re exploring bar promotion ideas, planning to open a bar, drafting your bar business plan, or brainstorming bar names, slogans play a significant role in establishing your brand identity. 

A bar slogan is like a special song representing the bar’s character and inviting people to come in. It’s important for a few reasons:

  • Makes the bar unique: A good slogan helps the bar stand out from other bars. It tells people what makes the bar special: the drinks, the atmosphere, or something else.
  • Easy to remember: A catchy slogan is easy for people to remember. When they think about going out, they might remember funny bar signs and decide to go there.
  • Explains what to expect: The slogan quickly tells people what they can expect when they visit the bar, like the experience they’ll have.
  • Connects emotionally: Slogans can make people feel certain emotions, like excitement or relaxation, influencing their decision to visit the bar.
  • Keeps things consistent: A slogan helps the bar keep a consistent image across everything they do, like signs, menus, and social media.
  • Helps with promotion: Bars can use their slogan in ads and promotions of amazing beer, bar’s best drinks, and specialized cocktails, making it easier to get the word out.
  • Word of mouth: If people like the slogan and the bar, they’re more likely to tell their friends and family about it.
  • Last a long time: A good slogan can stay with the bar long and help it become well-known in the community.

Once you create your bar slogan, you can use it on your website, social media channels, and marketing materials. 

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What are the elements of bar slogans?

The elements of bar slogans typically include:

  • Creativity: Slogans should showcase the uniqueness and allure of your bar with an imaginative touch.
  • Memorability: A good bar slogan should stick in people’s minds, making it easy to recall.
  • Clarity: It should convey a clear message about your bar and the exhilarating experiences you offer.
  • Relevance: The slogan should align seamlessly with your bar’s identity and offerings.
  • Appealing sound: Sometimes, a slogan’s sound or rhythm can make it more captivating and memorable.
  • Distinctiveness: Your slogan should set your bar apart, highlighting what makes it extraordinary.
  • Emotional connection: It can evoke emotions or connect customers and your vibrant bar.
  • Conciseness: Short and impactful slogans are often more effective because they are easy to remember.
  • Positive vibes: The slogan should leave a positive impression and evoke favorable thoughts about your lively bar.

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How do you create bar taglines?

To generate tagline ideas and choose one that will attract the potential customers of your target market, follow these tips:

  • Keep it short and memorable: Aim for brevity in your slogan; shorter is often better. Your slogan should be under 10 words to ensure it’s easily remembered.
  • Highlight what makes you unique: Convey what sets your bar apart. Focus on how you meet customer needs, solve problems, or enhance their experience.
  • Maintain brand consistency: Ensure your slogan aligns with your bar’s name, logo, and mission. Consistency strengthens your brand’s impact.
  • Think long-term: Craft a timeless slogan that won’t go out of style as trends change.
  • Know your audience: Tailor your slogan to resonate with your target audience, considering differences in culture and values.
  • Adapt as needed: Slogans can evolve for specific marketing campaigns, so don’t hesitate to make changes when necessary.

Examples of bar slogans

We’ve discussed the principles of crafting a compelling bar slogan and the advantages it brings to your establishment.

Below, you’ll find a selection of bar slogan concepts categorized by style, including humorous and attention-grabbing options and those tailored to specific bar types such as sports bars, pubs, and mobile bars.

We intend that this collection ignites your imagination, enabling you to formulate a distinct slogan that mirrors your bar’s ethos and forges a memorable connection with your patrons, effectively conveying the essence of your offerings.

Sports bar slogans

These slogans are designed to ignite the spirit of competition and camaraderie, making patrons feel like they’re in the heart of the action while enjoying their favorite drinks.

  1. “Where Sports and Beer Lovers Unite!”
  2. “Cheers to Game Day – Drink Beer and Win!”
  3. “Catch the Game, Sip Your Favorite Draft Beer!”
  4. “Your Friday Night Touchdown Destination.”
  5. “Beer Lovers’ Paradise: We Serve the Best Brews!”
  6. “Draft Beer, Fabulous Steaks, and Fun Conversations.”
  7. “Drink Specials that Score Every Time!”
  8. “From Flavored Beers to Watering Hole Cheers.”
  9. “Great Beer, Great Chips, Great Times.”
  10. “All Your Favorite Games Under One Roof!”
  11. “From James Bond to Game-On!”
  12. “Summer Inside, Sports Outside.”
  13. “A Slam Dunk for Entertainment Inside!”
  14. “Where Every Day is Game Day.”
  15. “We Don’t Just Serve Beer; We Serve Cheers!”
  16. “Score Big with Our Flavorful Drafts.”
  17. “Great Games, Better Weekend, One Roof.”
  18. “Beer Lovers Unite, Ex’s Heart Delight!”
  19. “Fun Conversations, Fabulous Steak, and Friday Night.”
  20. “The Promised Land for Sports Fanatics.”

funny bar sayings - sports bar

Mobile bar slogans

Mobile bar slogans convey the idea of convenience and celebration on the move, emphasizing the ability to bring the bar experience to any event or location.

  1. “Bringing the Bar to You – Anytime, Anywhere!”
  2. “Sip and Savor: Your Event, Your Drinks.”
  3. “Customized Cocktails for Memorable Occasions.”
  4. “Bespoke Drinks for Your Unique Moments.”
  5. “We Own Drinks, You Own the Party!”
  6. “Save Water, Drink Mobile!”
  7. “Your Personal Bar on Wheels.”
  8. “New World, New Tastes, New Drinks.”
  9. “Summer Inside Our Mobile Oasis.”
  10. “Turning Ex’s Heartache into Delicious Cocktails!”
  11. “Crafting Memories, One Drink at a Time.”
  12. “Bringing the Bar to Your Memorable Moments.”
  13. “Your Event, Our Expertise in Mixology.”
  14. “Cheers to a Water-Saving, Mobile Bar Experience!”
  15. “Turning Ordinary Occasions into Extraordinary Ones.”
  16. “Where Imagination Meets the Cocktail Shaker.”
  17. “Your Party, Our Drinks, Endless Possibilities.”
  18. “Mobile Bar Magic: Mixing Cocktails, Not Messages.”
  19. “Pouring Love into Every Glass, Everywhere.”
  20. “Making Every Event an Exquisite Adventure.”

funny bar sayings - mobile bar

Short funny bar quotes

These quotes add a touch of humor to the bar atmosphere, sparking laughter and light-hearted moments among patrons.

  1. “I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I drink beer.”
  2. “In dog beers, I’ve only had one.”
  3. “Trust me, you can dance – Beer”
  4. “I’m not a regular drinker; I’m a cool drinker.”
  5. “The only BS I need is beer and sunshine.”
  6. “Life is brewtiful – enjoy it one sip at a time.”
  7. “Beer: because no great story ever started with a salad.”
  8. “Drinking is the answer. What was the question again?”
  9. “I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman; I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room together.”
  10. “I only drink on days that end with ‘Y.'”
  11. “In a committed relationship with my favorite drink.”
  12. “Alcohol you later; I’ve got plans for now.”
  13. “The only workout I do is lifting my glass.”
  14. “If you can’t remember my name, just call me ‘Happy Hour.'”
  15. “I’m not tipsy; I’m just speaking cursive.”
  16. “I drink coffee for your protection.”
  17. “I’m too sober for this. Let’s fix that.”
  18. “Love at first sip.”
  19. “Beer: because adulting is hard.”
  20. “I’m not drunk; I’m just enhancing my charm.”

funny bar sayings - lets drink about it

Cute bar sayings

Cute bar sayings create a warm and welcoming vibe, making customers feel at home as they enjoy their favorite beverages.

  1. “Sip, Savor, Smile – That’s Our Bar Style.”
  2. “Fun Girls’ Night Out at Our Promised Land.”
  3. “Cool Friends, Cool Drinks, Cool Vibes.”
  4. “Where Great Beer Meets Awesome Malts.”
  5. “You Bring the Laughter; We Serve the Love.”
  6. “Cheers to Friday Nights and Fun Conversations.”
  7. “Our Bar: Where Love and Great Beer Flourish.”
  8. “Enjoying Every Drink and Every Moment.”
  9. “Summer Inside, Always by Your Side.”
  10. “A Better Weekend Starts Right Here.”
  11. “Friends, Drinks, and Love – Our Recipe for Happiness.”
  12. “Cool Friends, Warmer Conversations.”
  13. “Bringing Hearts Together, One Cocktail at a Time.”
  14. “Where Every Sip Tells a Story.”
  15. “Steaks, Smiles, and Sunshine Inside.”
  16. “Sip, Savor, and Share the Love.”
  17. “Creating Moments You’ll Cherish Forever.”
  18. “Love, Laughter, and Libations.”
  19. “Chasing Dreams and Good Times.”
  20. “A Little Place for Big Hearts to Gather.”

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Catchy bar taglines

These taglines are designed to grab attention and leave a memorable imprint, drawing customers in with their clever and catchy phrases.

  1. “Sip by Sip, We Create Memories.”
  2. “Where Every Drink is a Journey.”
  3. “Cheers to Life’s Special Days.”
  4. “Join Us for Game Time and Great Beer.”
  5. “Unwind, Grab a Drink, and Beery Happy.”
  6. “Step Inside and Leave Your Worries Behind.”
  7. “Elevate Your Evening, One Drink at a Time.”
  8. “Real Men Meet Here for Their Favorite Beers.”
  9. “Indulge in the Flavors of Life.”
  10. “A Drink Special for Every Occasion.”
  11. “Your Favorite Beer, Every Time You Visit.”
  12. “Discover the Real Men of Flavor.”
  13. “Where Every Drink is a Break from Routine.”
  14. “Raise a Glass to Good Times.”
  15. “It’s Game Time: Time to Drink!”
  16. “Where Memories Are Made, One Drink at a Time.”
  17. “Real Men Forget the Rest and Grab a Drink.”
  18. “Step Inside and Let the Good Times Flow.”
  19. “Your Beery Happy Place Awaits.”
  20. “Life is a Journey; Enjoy the Wine of Each Drink.”

funny bar sayings - two beer saying

Cool bar phrases

Cool bar phrases make the bar seem stylish and fancy, making customers feel like they’re in a special and trendy place.

  1. “Get Your Beery Happy On.”
  2. “Real Men Choose Real Flavor.”
  3. “Where Every Drink Has a Story.”
  4. “It’s Not Just a Drink; It’s a Lifestyle.”
  5. “Sip, Savor, and Soak in Life.”
  6. “Discover the Real Taste of Game Time.”
  7. “Step Inside to Break Away from the Ordinary.”
  8. “Life’s Too Short for Bland Drinks.”
  9. “Grab a Drink, Relish the Moment.”
  10. “Turning Rest into Revelry, One Drink at a Time.”
  11. “Your Favorite Beer, Your Beery Happy Place.”
  12. “Celebrate Every Special Day with Us.”
  13. “Unplug, Break Free, Grab a Drink.”
  14. “Real Men Meet for Real Conversations.”
  15. “Elevating the Art of Drinking.”
  16. “Where Every Drink is a Taste of Life.”
  17. “Cheers to the Real Men of Flavor.”
  18. “Step Inside for a Life-Enhancing Experience.”
  19. “Crafting Drink Specials for Your Happiness.”
  20. “Life is a Journey – Wine and Dine with Us.”

funny bar sayings - beer happy saying

Pub slogans

Pub slogans embody the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of a traditional pub, inviting customers to kick back, chill out, and enjoy the friendly vibes of a local hangout spot.

  1. “A Pub for Every Beery Happy Soul.”
  2. “Where Good Drinks and Good Times Collide.”
  3. “Real Men Know Where to Find Real Flavor.”
  4. “Step Inside, Leave Ordinary Life Behind.”
  5. “Cheers to Game Time, Cheers to Life.”
  6. “Discover Your Favorite Beer, Drink Specials, and More.”
  7. “Raise Your Glass to Pub Perfection.”
  8. “Life’s Best Moments Happen Inside.”
  9. “Your Special Day Deserves a Special Drink.”
  10. “Grab Life by the Pint, Only at Our Pub.”
  11. “Welcome to the Beery Happy Hub.”
  12. “Where Every Drink Tells a Tale.”
  13. “Real Men Rejoice with Real Flavors.”
  14. “Step Inside for a Break from Routine Life.”
  15. “Celebrating Life, One Drink at a Time.”
  16. “Sip, Savor, Repeat the Pub Experience.”
  17. “Join the Real Men of Great Taste.”
  18. “Your Happy Place for Drink Specials.”
  19. “Pub Life: Where Ordinary Meets Extraordinary.”
  20. “Life is a Pub Crawl; Start Here!”

funny bar sayings - pub

Key Takeaways

  • Your slogan should be short and catchy so people can easily remember it.
  • The slogan should tell people what makes your bar unique, like your great drinks, atmosphere, or fun experiences.
  • Your slogan should fit with your bar’s name, logo, and what your bar stands for. This helps create a strong and recognizable brand.
  • Aim for a slogan that won’t go out of style quickly, so it stays relevant for a long time.
  • Ensure your slogan connects with the people you want to visit your bar. Consider what different groups of people like and make your slogan appeal to them.
  • Slogans can change over time to match new ideas or strategies for your bar. It’s okay to update your slogan as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bar quotes are short phrases or sayings about the bar and drinking culture. They are typically displayed on signs, chalkboards, or menus in bars and pubs to add character, humor, or ambiance to the establishment. 

These quotes can cover a wide range of topics, from the joy of drinking to humor about the effects of alcohol or life in general. 

Bar quotes are meant to entertain, amuse, or provoke thought among patrons, contributing to the overall experience of visiting a bar or pub.

Here are some drinking sayings:

  1. “I have mixed drinks about feelings.”
  2. “I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway
  3. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.” – Frank Sinatra
  4. “When life gives you lemons, add vodka.”
  5. “Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.”

Here are some good beer sayings:

  1. “Save the Earth; it’s the only planet with beer.”
  2. “Beer: because no great story started with a salad.”
  3. “I work until beer o’clock.”
  4. “Beer is the answer. I don’t remember the question.”
  5. “Beer: Because you can’t drink bacon.”

A drinking spot can be referred to by various names depending on its type and atmosphere. Some common terms include:

  • Bar
  • Pub
  • Tavern
  • Nightclub
  • Brewery
  • Wine Bar
  • Cocktail Lounge
  • Beer Garden
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