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100+ Good Japanese & Sushi Restaurant Names Ideas (How to Choose One)


Are you passionate about traditional Japanese cuisine and looking to embark on an exciting culinary venture? Opening a Japanese restaurant that caters to sushi lovers and enthusiasts of Japanese food is a fantastic idea. However, one of the critical elements to consider when starting such an establishment is choosing the perfect Japanese restaurant name. Your restaurant’s name represents your brand and sets the tone for the dining experience.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Japanese restaurant names, offering you over 100 creative and enticing Japanese restaurant name ideas. Whether you’re planning to launch a cozy neighborhood sushi joint or an elegant traditional Japanese eatery, our list will help you find inspiration and guidance for selecting a name that resonates with your vision.

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So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect name for your Japanese restaurant that will leave sushi restaurants and ramen shop lovers eagerly anticipating their next visit.

 japanese restaurant names - japanese restaurant

How to Select the Japanese Restaurant Name?

We created this step-by-step guide on generating Japanese restaurant names and choosing your sushi bar name to help you choose a name that captures the essence of your culinary masterpiece. 

Step 1. Decide on a Japanese restaurant’s identity

Defining a Japanese restaurant’s identity is pivotal in establishing a unique and appealing dining experience. Begin by pinpointing the style of Japanese cuisine you’ll serve, whether centered around raw fish delicacies like sushi and sashimi or a fusion of flavors inspired by Japanese culinary traditions. Your choice of Japanese restaurant names should reflect this identity, offering a glimpse of the delicious food patrons can expect.

Think about your target audience and decide who you will cater to – sushi lovers, families, or those seeking an upscale dining experience. 

Consider how the interior design, ambiance, and music will connect diners with Japanese culture, immersing them in an authentic and delightful experience. It’s crucial to cater to your target audience’s preferences. 

Ultimately, a well-defined identity helps set your Japanese restaurant apart from other competitive Japanese restaurants and gives customers a clear sense of what to expect when they walk through your doors.

 japanese restaurant names - japanese restaurant

Step 2. Think of Japanese restaurant name ideas

Once you have decided on your Japanese restaurant identity, it’s time to choose the right sushi restaurant name. For that purpose, spend some time brainstorming unique and appealing names. How to do this? Here are some suggestions.

Make a list of keywords 

The first could be preparing a list of keywords inspired by Japanese culture, cuisine, and ambiance. The examples of terms you could use to describe your restaurant could be 

  • Ramen,
  • Japanese,
  • Prawn, 
  • Crispy,
  • Japanese, 
  • Sushi
  • Tempura, 
  • Rolls,
  • Kinza,
  • Udon,
  • Octopus
  • Noodles, 
  • Rice

Once you do this, you can try to create the combinations of terms you noted, for example:

  • Ramen House
  • Japanese Word, 
  • Ramen Sushi, 
  • Crispy Prawn, 
  • Sushi Momo, 
  • Sushi Rolls, 
  • Udon Noodles, 
  • Octopus Balls, 
  • Japanese Sushi

 japanese restaurant names - ramen

If your restaurant is situated in a particular place or has a unique setting, you can integrate that aspect into the restaurant’s name, for example, Pacific Coast Rolls & Sushi – inspired by the stunning West Coast or Big Apple Sushi Bar – a nod to the vibrant New York City.

Also, consider incorporating Japanese cultural allusions, such as renowned landmarks, historical figures, or traditional elements, and Japanese words into your restaurant’s name. 

Finally, when choosing a name for your Japanese restaurant, try not to use overly complicated or long names. Simple names are easier for people to understand and remember.

 japanese restaurant names - sushi

If you’re struggling with creative Japanese restaurant name ideas, use a restaurant name ideas generator like Restaurant Name Generator

Step 3. Check if the name is available

Before selecting the name for your Japanese restaurant or sushi bar, make sure that the given name is not already used by another sushi making restaurant. Check the following sources to see if a given name is already used:

  • Make a Google Search: Start by performing a Google search for your potential Japanese restaurant names. 
  • Browse local directories: Examine local directories (Yellow Pages, Google Maps, and Yelp) to verify if any businesses in your area with the same or similar restaurant names exist.
  • Check the listings on Google My Business: Inspect Google My Business listings to check if nearby businesses have already registered the names you’re contemplating. 
  • Verify the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Directory: You can also check the Better Business Bureau directory to verify if any registered Japanese restaurants share the same or similar name.
  • Examine the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark database: If you are based in the United States, use the USPTO trademark database search to ensure that no other business has already trademarked your chosen Japanese cuisine name. This is a crucial step to avoid potential legal issues in the future.

 japanese restaurant names - Google search

Securing a matching domain name is essential for establishing your online presence in today’s digital age. Verifying that the desired domain is available and not already registered for your chosen name is important. This step is crucial for building your online brand effectively.

You can use a free restaurant website builder to build your Japanese restaurant website. Firstly, you choose one of the available Japanese website templates, then you add your content and restaurant menu with attractive photos of dishes. 

 japanese restaurant names - restaurant website templates

You can customize the template by adding or removing subpages and changing colors to tailor it to your restaurant’s brand.

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While building a sushi restaurant website, don’t forget about providing your potential customers with the option to order your Japanese food online. Some website builders, like the one created by UpMenu, have an online ordering system for restaurants that enables customers to order directly from a restaurant website. 

When it comes to your Japanese restaurant’s online presence, it’s important to explore the possibility of creating a restaurant mobile app for your customers. 

A restaurant mobile app can be a valuable tool for boosting customer engagement and fostering loyalty. Through the app, customers can conveniently place online orders with your restaurant.

japanese restaurant names - restaurant mobile app

You can customize your Japanese food ordering app by adding your restaurant logo, choosing colors, and adding icons and Japanese cuisine menu items. Thanks to that, the app will reflect your restaurant’s brand and style.

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Step 4. Try it out

Trying out a new name for your Japanese restaurant is like a taste test. 

Start by sharing the name with a small group of people you trust, like friends or family. Ask them what they think, how it makes them feel, and if it fits the restaurant’s style. 

You can also do surveys or polls online to get more opinions. This helps you choose a name that matches your vision and resonates with potential customers.

japanese restaurant names - asking friends for advice

Step 5. Pick the best name

Choosing the right name for your Japanese restaurant is like selecting the best ingredients for a recipe. It should represent what your restaurant is about and be easy for people to remember. 

Taking into account the previous steps you followed, take your time to think about the name that fits your vision and stands out from the rest to make the final decision. 

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100+ Good Japanese & Sushi Restaurant Names Ideas

If you are just looking for inspiration, below you will find examples of ideas for Japanese restaurants names. 

Creative Japanese Restaurant Names 

  1. Sakura Savor
  2. Nihon Nectar
  3. Umami Utopia
  4. Sushi Symphony
  5. Zen Zenith
  6. Tokyo Treasures
  7. Mizu Mirage
  8. Kyoto Cuisine
  9. Sake & Sashimi
  10. Bonsai Bites
  11. Geisha’s Grille
  12. Wasabi Whispers
  13. Tsuki Terrace
  14. Sushi Samurai
  15. Tempura Temptations
  16. Kabuki Kitchen
  17. Jade Garden Sushi
  18. Udon Universe
  19. Fuji Fusion Flavors
  20. Sumo Supreme
  21. Hanami Haven
  22. Sushi Surf Shack
  23. Dragon Roll Delights
  24. Mochi Moonlight
  25. Ramen Rendezvous
  26. Sushi Serenity
  27. Kimono Kitchen
  28. Sashimi Sensations
  29. Origami Oasis
  30. Umi’s Elegance

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Funny Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas

  1. Wasa-bee!
  2. Sushi-licious Shenanigans
  3. Soy Joy Palace
  4. Rollin’ with Rice
  5. Tempura Tantrum
  6. Ramen Rebels
  7. The Sushi Samurai Showdown
  8. Sashimi Shenanigans
  9. Noodle Nonsense
  10. Wasabi Wonders
  11. The Miso Marvel
  12. Sushi Slapstick
  13. Ramen Ruckus
  14. Sake Shake-Up
  15. Sushi Smiles
  16. Soy Sauce Surprises
  17. Teriyaki Tickles
  18. Udon Uproar
  19. Kimono Comedy Kitchen
  20. The Sushi Stand-Up
  21. Chopsticks Comedy Club
  22. Bento Box Banter
  23. The Sushi Sillies
  24. Tempura Tidbits
  25. Rice Roll Riot
  26. Wonton Whimsy
  27. Miso Hilarity
  28. The Sushi Spin
  29. Noodle Nonsensicals
  30. Teriyaki Tidings

japanese restaurant names -  japanese restaurant interior

Japanese Restaurant Names Based on Places 

  1. Tokyo Taste Oasis
  2. Kyoto Cuisine Corner
  3. Osaka Harbor Grill
  4. Hokkaido Hideaway
  5. Hiroshima Hibachi Haven
  6. Nagasaki Noodle Nook
  7. Mount Fuji Flavors
  8. Okinawa Ocean Eats
  9. Kobe Steakhouse Cove
  10. Sapporo Sushi Summit
  11. Fukuoka Foodie Finds
  12. Yokohama Yuzu Yard
  13. Sendai Savor Square
  14. Kamakura Kaiseki Kingdom
  15. Nikko Nigiri Nook
  16. Kyoto Kimono Kitchen
  17. Hiroshima Harbor House
  18. Kobe Kobe Bistro
  19. Nagoya Noodle Niche
  20. Nara Nosh Nook
  21. Osaka Oishii Oasis
  22. Hiroshima Hiro Sushi
  23. Sapporo Sushi Station
  24. Okinawa Oishii Outpost
  25. Kyoto Kaiseki Kingdom
  26. Mount Fuji Fusion
  27. Fukuoka Foodie Fables
  28. Yokohama Yuzu Yard
  29. Nagano Noodle Nosh
  30. Osaka Ocean Odyssey

japanese restaurant names - japanese restaurant

Unique Japanese Restaurant Names

  1. Kaiseki Whispers
  2. Sakura Breeze Dining
  3. Bamboo Garden Izakaya
  4. Miso Melodies
  5. Fuji Flavors
  6. Kimono Kitchen Chronicles
  7. Umami Delights
  8. Geisha’s Grub House
  9. Zen Zenith Sushi
  10. Sapporo Serenade
  11. Hanami Noodle House
  12. Wasabi Wonders
  13. Sushi Surf Shack
  14. Tsuki Terrace
  15. Udon Universe
  16. Jade Garden Sushi
  17. Samurai Bites
  18. Dragon Roll Dreams
  19. Sumo Suppers
  20. Tempura Tales
  21. Umi’s Elegance
  22. Shogun’s Supper Club
  23. Nihon Noshery
  24. Ramen Rendezvous
  25. Sashimi Splendors
  26. Sushi Soirée
  27. Origami Oasis
  28. Kyoto Komfort
  29. Tokyo Treasures
  30. Bonsai Bites

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure that your restaurant’s name harmonizes with your chosen concept and style, whether rooted in traditional Japanese cuisine, delicious sushi, or a fusion of flavors. 
  • Choose a name that’s easy to remember and pronounce. Avoid overly intricate or lengthy names.
  • Consider weaving elements of Japanese culture into your name, such as landmarks, historical figures, or traditional symbols. This adds richness and authenticity to your restaurant’s identity.
  • Keep your target audience in mind while picking a name. Ensure it resonates with the tastes and expectations of the clientele you wish to attract.
  • Before settling on a name, confirm its availability as a domain name and on social media platforms. Additionally, conduct a trademark search to sidestep potential legal complications.
  • Envision how your chosen name will look as a logo or on signage. A visually appealing and harmonious name can elevate your restaurant’s overall branding.
  • Remember that your Japanese restaurant’s name plays a pivotal role in your brand identity, serving as the first impression for potential diners. Your Japanese restaurant name needs to give a summary of the essence of your culinary offerings and ambiance, at the same time remaining memorable and inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Good Japanese restaurant names often reflect the cuisine’s elegance, culture, and delicious offerings. Here are some Japanese restaurant name ideas that encompass these qualities:

  • Sakura Sushi & Grill: “Sakura” evokes cherry blossoms, symbolizing Japan’s beauty.
  • Umami Delights: “Umami” highlights the savory essence of Japanese cuisine.
  • Zen Zenith Dining: “Zen” represents tranquility and balance.
  • Tokyo Temptations: A nod to Japan’s vibrant capital city.
  • Sushi Serenade: A name that suggests an enjoyable dining experience.
Identifying the absolute “best” Japanese restaurant name is a deeply personal choice, shaped by your restaurant’s individual concept, its locale, and the specific clientele you aim to attract. 

The paramount name for your Japanese restaurant should seamlessly harmonize with your distinctive vision, strike a chord with your valued patrons, and etch itself into their memory. It must encapsulate the soul of your cuisine and the ambiance, standing out as a beacon amidst the culinary landscape.    Ultimately, the finest name is the one that leaves an indelible, positive impression, both for you and the cherished diners you serve.

To come up with a name for your Japanese restaurant:

  1. Begin by clarifying your restaurant’s concept, whether it leans towards traditional, sushi-centric, or fusion cuisine.
  2. Engage in creative brainstorming, exploring elements tied to Japanese culture, cuisine, and the restaurant’s atmosphere.
  3. Combine these ideas inventively to shape distinct and memorable name options.
  4. Keep your prospective customers in mind, ensuring the chosen name resonates with their tastes and expectations.
  5. Prioritize the availability of the name as a domain and on social media platforms while conducting a trademark search to avert potential legal complications.
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