Order Burger Online System Let your customers order a burger online on the website and mobile app

Ninjagrill burger ordering feature on mobile app Ninjagrill online burger ordering option on desktop device

Launch a burger order online system to get new customers

If you offer food delivery in your burger restaurant, an ordering system is a must. Sell burgers online via your website to reach more customers and boost your revenue!
Online Menu with multiple burgers choice present on restaurant website
Interactive menu for burger ordering on mobile app for Ninjagrill restaurant

More burger orders with the mobile application

Make ordering through mobile devices easier than ever. Give your customers access to the native restaurantmobile app with the burger online order feature. Grow your customer base and revenue.
Order handling panel in online ordering system from UpMenu

Easy burger orders handling

Are your phone line bottlenecked during rush hours? Forget about having this problem – digitalize the ordering process and let customers order burgers conveniently on your native website or app.
Your employees will save plenty of time as details of burger orders are transferred instantly. All information regarding delivery or pick up is visible on the order handling panel within seconds.

Manage food delivery zones with ease

When offering food delivery services, it is essential for you to set appropriate delivery zones as well as transport costs and minimum order value.
With the UpMenu system, you get easy to use delivery zone set up tool. Choose location and draw on the map to set areas where you deliver your delicious burgers.
Setting supply regions for burger delivery
Screen of menu layout customization panel in digital ordering software

Change the menu whenever you want to!

UpMenu burger ordering system houses easy to handle menu management feature. You can modify and edit menus with drag-and-drop system for all your locations or individually for each one.
Get more orders with up-selling. Offer fries and soda to your burgers, or any side dish to boost your revenue.

Let your customers pay cashless

The burger ordering system supplied by UpMenu is integrated with quick online payments. Thanks to this, you will earn customers that prefer to make cashless transactions.
Let customers pay for burgers digitally thanks to integration with the most popular payment methods – PayPal, Stripe and Adyen
Stripe payment example on desktop display
menu integrated with Ninjagrill website

Printing orders

The UpMenu system houses automatic receipt print feature to save even more time for you, your customers and employees. Automate your burger restaurant to reach even better return on investment rate.

Easy implementation on website

Thanks to the easy implementation on your website, you can launch digital burger orders immediately. If you need a restaurant website, UpMenu will help you create an effective page that will be self-sustainable.
Visualization of interactive menu implementation on website
Screen of reports and statustics generated by orderign system

All reports in one place

The UpMenu system will generate reports automatically which present the key data regarding online sales ensuring you will be able to make business decisions based on actual data.

Try it risk free, without obligations.